By AOMEI / Last Updated January 21, 2020

Why don’t you sync music to iPhone with iTunes?

If you are using iPhone 7,8, X, XR, XS, 11 etc, you may get that iTunes is the only way to officially copy music to iPhone. But why don’t you do so? Here are some possible reasons for it.

  • The newly added music will erase the old one every time.

  • You can only download the purchase music from iPhone, but not for all kinds of music.

  • You are required to pair with your computer and you cannot copy music from different devices to the same iPhone.

  • You can select playlists, artists, albums and genres but are not allowed to just add one song at a time.

Can you put music on an iPhone without iTunes?

Owing to iTunes’ flaws, many users don’t want to transfer music with iTunes. And here comes another question: how do I drag and drop music to iPhone without iTunes?

Beside iTunes, there are many ways to add music to iPhone without iTunes, such as, using Dropbox, Google Play Music, MediaMonkey, mBackupper etc. And all of them will not replace the old music with new one. In short, there is no need to sync songs with iTunes.

How to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes?

As mentioned above, there are many software you can use to transfer music from PC to iPhone without iTunes. Here, I’ll show you two of them. Both are free.

Way 1: Put music on iPhone without iTunes using Dropbox

1. Download Dropbox on both your computer and iPhone, install it. Then, sign in Dropbox with the same account.

2. Download free music from internet and Dropbox supports music with file extension like, .mp3, .aiff, .m4a, .wav.

3. Open Dropbox folder on the laptop or desktop via Dropbox app, then drag and drop all of the music you want to listen into this folder.

Put Music on iPhone using Dropbox Folder

4. Start the Dropbox app on your iPhone and listen to these songs via network. But if you don’t have an internet connection, you can mark songs as "Favorite" to make them available offline.

Note: To make songs available offline, you can swipe the song you want to keep on your iPhone from left to right, then tap ☆ to store songs.

Way 2: Download music to iPhone without iTunes using Google Play Music Manager

1. Download Google Music Manager on your computer and iPhone, install it. Sign in with the same Gmail or YouTube account.

2. Choose “Upload songs to Google Play” and select songs from your computer to sync.

Download Music to iPhone using Google Music Manager

3. Listen to your music on iPhone after it’s loaded. Also, you can make it offline.

How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes?

Except for downloading music directly from PC to iPhone without iTunes, there are still some users who want to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes. So, in the following, I’ll show you how to do that with a free reliable iPhone transfer for iPhone 5, 8, X, XR, XS Max, etc. It’s mBackupper. And Here are some features of it.

  • Widely compatible. It’s compatible all of the IOS system, even the latest iOS 13.

  • Fast backup and restore speed. Its speed depends on the amount of your music files, and is higher than the average speed on the market.

  • Selective transfer. Unlike iTunes, this software allows users to transfer one or more music file at a time.

  • Support transfer music files from multiple devices. For example, if you want to transfer music files from computers on home and office, you just need to install mBackupper on both computers and download music to iPhone with its backup feature.

In-depth guide: copy music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes

The specific steps need to be completed via 2 parts, including backup music on one iPhone, restore music to another iPhone.

Part 1: Backup music on one iPhone

1. Download mBackuper, install and launch it. Then, connect one iPhone to your computer via USB cable and click "Trust This Computer" if you are asked.

2. Click “Custom Backup”.

Back Up All

Note: If there is any backup made, you will see “Backup” option in Bakcup Management.

3. Uncheck other options and only keep the Music icon checked. Then, click “Start Backup” to transfer music. Wait until the process is 100% completed and unplug your iPhone from computer.

Check Music

Note: If you just want to backup some of the music, you can click the Music icon and uncheck the music files you don’t want to backup.


Part 2: Restore music to another iPhone

1. Plug another iPhone into your computer, then unlock and click "Trust This Computer".

2. Open mBackupper and you will see the Backup Management interface by default if there is a backup. Click "Expand" to see all of your backups.


3. Then, select backup of music files and click “Options” > “Restore” subsequently.

Select Backup For Music

4. Click "Start Restore" to download music from one iPhone to another.


Note: Like backup process, you can only select some of them by clicking the Music icons to uncheck the music files you don’t want to transfer.

Words in the end

Speaking of transferring music to iPhone without iTunes, you can try above ways. All of them are free. And they will not erase your old music files.

In specific, the first two ways use a computer to transfer music files while the third one is directly from iPhone to iPhone. Just select one of them according to your situation. With these methods, how to put music to music to iPhones without iTunes is not a problem anymore.