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How to transfer CD to iPhone?

I have found some of old CD and I would like to transfer the songs into my iPhone 11 so that I don’t have to plug the CD to my computer later. Anyone could tell me the fastest way to transfer music from CD to iPhone?

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> Buying CD was the most popular way to listen to the music in the past.

> Even today, facing the stress of digital music, CD is still a large market for music.

> CD preserves the high-quality of music and is worth collecting.

> Transferring songs in CD to your iPhone makes you enjoy the songs anywhere.

Are you still listening to CD? Compared with digital music, CD is quite an old way to enjoy music but it still doesn’t reduce the joy. According to the survey of Nielsen, there are still many people who would like to buy CD.

CD Cover

Like other storage medium, CD just carries your music files. If you wish, you can extract them to your computer and transfer songs to your iPhone. Since you can’t drag and drop music files from computer to iPhone, you need to know some techniques to export music from CD and import music into your iPhone. The following content is the detailed steps to transfer DC to iPhone.

Step 1. Transfer songs from your CD into computer

The way to extract music from CD is using Windows Media Player. It is the common software to play music on Windows. You can easily find it on Windows 10/8/7.

1. Click the Windows Start button to find Windows Media Player or directly search it in the search bar on desktop.

2. Insert your CD into computer. After a while, if it is successfully read by your computer, the playlist would automatically appear in Windows Media Player.

Tips: If it doesn’t appear for a long time. Open File Explorer on your computer, find DVD RW Drive. Right-click it and select Play to enter Windows Media Player.

Sometimes you find that you could view and copy songs from your CD but the format of the songs might not be supported by iPhone. You need to rip the audio CD to computer to save them as MP3 files.

3. In Windows Media Player, you need to click Rip Settings > expand More options > select Rip Music > in Format section, set the format as MP3 > click Apply > click OK > in Windows Media player, tick the music you want to transfer in your CD > click Rip CD. Wait for the ripping process completed.

Your CD would be saved to C:\Users\[user name]\Music.

Rip Settings

Step 2. Copy CD to iPhone

As is mentioned above, you can’t directly copy the songs to the internal storage of iPhone. You need a tool. AOMEI MBackupper would help you. It is a professional iPhone data transfer.

1. Download AOMEI MBackupper and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. Keep the screen of iPhone unlocked and let it Trust This Computer.

2. On the home screen of iPhone, you would see an option Transfer to iPhone. Clicking it means you would like to transfer data from computer to iPhone.

Transfer to iPhone

3. Click any area in the box and then you could add the music you export from PC into AOMEI MBackupper. If the folder Music has already been opened, you could also directly drag and drop the files into the box.

Select Files

4. After all the wanted music has been added into AOMEI MBackupper. Click the button Transfer to transfer the selected songs into your iPhone.

Transfer Music

Bonus Tips: How to put a CD on iTunes?

If you are iTunes user, you could also import CD to iTunes. Before that, you need to change the settings to make sure the songs are available later.

Steps to transfer files from PC to iPhone with iTunes:

Open iTunes, click Edit > then select Preferences > in General section, click Import Settings > in the section Import Using, select MP3 Encoder > tick Use error correction when reading Audio CDs > click OK and then quit the window > insert your CD to computer > click the CD icon when it appears in iTunes > click Import CD. It would take 10 minutes or longer.

iTunes Import CD Settings


Songs in CD could also be converted into digital music on your computer and then you could transfer CD to iPhone to listen to Music anytime and anywhere.

AOMEI MBackupper is the best iPhone data transfer so you could use it to import CD to iPhone. Your latest iOS devices would be supported including iPhone 12/11 and iPad 8/Air 4.

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