By Dylan / Last Updated July 22, 2021

How do I transfer old iPad to new iPad?

My new iPad Pro has arrived and I like it very much. The thing is I want to quickly start using it so how can I transfer apps from the old iPad to the new iPad?

- Question from Apple Community

Since the first generation of A4 iPad with a 9.7-inch touchscreen, was released on April 3rd, 2010, Apple has been keeping releasing a new version of iPad every 1-2 years. Especially, with the launch of iPad Pro, people are spending more work and study time on their iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini, and iPad Air.

Now the latest seven-generation iPad Pro has been released on April 21, 2021, with the famous M1 chip that sharply increases its performance. Now so many people buy a new iPad to work and study for its great performance.

When you got a new iPad, you may want to move or transfer photos, games, music and other data to the new iPad. because you want to keep them on your latest device. In this post, we demonstrate 4 methods that help you easily copy iPad to new iPad.

Way 1 Transfer apps from old iPad to new iPad with iTunes

iTunes is the official tool for Apple users to manage the purchased music and videos, and also could be used to transfer data between Apple devices. You could follow the steps below to transfer apps from your old iPad to new iPad.

Step 1. Download and launch the latest iTunes on your PC. Connect your old iPad to computer with USB and remember to tap Trust This Computer on your iPad.

Step 2. Click the phone-shape icon in the upper-left corner in iTunes > Click "Summary" > Click "Back Up Now". You should wait for iTunes backing up your iPad. It might take a few minutes. After the backup is completed, unplug your old iPad.

Step 3. Plug your new iPad into computer and also tap Trust This Computer. Navigate to Summary as you did in Step 2 and click Restore Backup. Select the backup file and click Restore. You should wait until restoration is completed and then check your new iPad.

iTunes is an official tool, so you could totally trust it, while it also has deficiencies. You are not allowed to preview files and filter the data you don’t want to transfer. If you want a flexible transfer plan, you could try the following method.

Way 2 Transfer apps from iPad to new iPad using iCloud

iCloud storage is a backup service provided by Apple. Every Apple ID got a free 5GB of storage space to backup their data. So if your iCloud storage got enough free space, you can use it to backup your iPad and restore them to the new one. Here are the steps.

Part 1. Enable iCloud backup on your iPad

Step 1. On your old iPad, go "Setting" > Tap "[Your Name]" > "iCloud".

Step 2. Tap "Backup" and make sure the "iCloud Backup" is enabled. Then click "Back Up Now". But you need to make sure the storage space is enough, otherwise iCloud will say not enough space.

Turn On Icloud Backup

Part 2. Restore the backup to the new iPad

Now you can open your new iPad, if it is brand new, it will guide you through the setup process. And the program will ask you if you want to restore backup files. You can follow the detailed steps.

● Restore to a brand new iPad from iCloud

1. Boot your iPad, and tap the iPad screen after it says hello to you.

2. Choose a language and your location and WiFI network.

3. When entering the setup screen, tap "Restore from iCloud Backup".

4. Sign in with your Apple ID, and agree with Apple's terms and conditions.

5. Choose the backup you just made. It would be named with the date.

Then just wait for the restoring process to get finished, and the iPad will reboot automatically.

● Restore to another iPad (contains data)

If the target iPad contains important data please backup the iPad beforehand. Then erase the iPad to enter the iPad setup.

1. When the backup process is complete, disconnect the targeted iPad. Then open the targeted iPad, go to "settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Erase All Content and Settings". Then all data on the iPad will be erased.

Erase All Content And Settings

2. When the iPad is restarted, follow the setup process, and choose the backup files of the old iPad.

In this way, you can easily transfer apps from old iPad to new iPad using iCloud.

Transfer apps from iPad to iPad with AOMEI MBackupper(support different Apple ID)

iTunes and iCloud are official backup tool for iOS users. If the steps are sort of complicated, you are probably familiar with the backup and restore process. And if your iCloud storage is running out since each user can have only 5 GB of free space, moving apps using iCloud is not the best choice.

Then you can turn to AOMEI MBackupper, which is a professional iOS transfer software helping you fastly transfer data from one iPad to another iPad, as well as other data, including photos, videos, system settings without signing in Apple ID. Besides, it is also a powerful tool helping your backup iPad in case of data loss.

Now, you can download this tool and follow the steps below to see how to use it.

Step 1. Connect both iPads with a computer via USB cables. And run AOMEI MBackupper on the computer.

Step 2. Click the "iPhone to iPhone Transfer" feature which supports directly migrate data from one iOS device to another.

Iphone To Iphone Transfer

Step 3. The two iPad will be shown on the interface. Make sure iPads are placed in the right place. Then click "Start Transfer".

Start Transfer

Then wait for the process to get finished.

#3 Transfer one app from one iPad another iPad by AirDrop

It is really convenient to share data between iPhone. You might have used Bluetooth to share photos before and AirDrop could make the process faster. It is a unique feature on Apple devices to let you share everything on your iPad.

● Turn on Bluetooth and AirDrop on both iPad.
● Keep two iPad near together.
● Go to Settings on target iPad and then tap General > Option > Everyone.

Step 1. Press and hold the app you want to transfer on the source iPad and tap the Share button

Step 2. Tap the name of the target device and then it will receive the app.

AirDrop Icon


Hope these methods can help you to transfer apps from old iPad to new iPad, iPad Pro, Air, or mini. The same methods can be applied for moving apps to other iOS devices like transferring data from iPhone to iPhone. iTunes, iCloud, and AOMEI MBackupper are suitable for transferring the whole apps and data. If you just want to transfer one or several applications to another iPad, Airdrop is a good way.