By Dylan / Last Updated July 20, 2021

In the WWDC hold on June 2021, Apple unveiled the latest operating system of Apple products-iOS 15 beta. The official edition is expected to be realeased in this Fall. Now, lots of users would like to upgrade to iOS 15 before the official version come out, but you probably worry about it, after all, it is still a beta version. Next, we will guide you through the iOS 15 new version, and make a comparison with iOS 14 to help you get the answer of "Should You update to iOS 15"?

Ios 15 Preview

Before we get started, please make sure your device is supported by the latest iOS version. According to Apple’s news, iOS 15 is compatible with the iPhone 6S and later models.

Amazing new Features of iOS 15 Beta

Apple adds various features on the iOS 15 attracting a good number of users. It is not revolutionary, but we do believe that the update brings some new features that may improve the experience of using an iPhone.

1. Re-design interfaces of Apps

Some apps get new designs providing a better experience. For example, the Safari. The tab bar of the Safari browser becomes more lightweight floating at the bottom of the screen. It is more reliable and users can easily type on it. And the Weather is nicer now. It gives you more graphical displays of data. The display will be changed according to the conditions.

The Map is another app redesigned. The new map gives you more details helping you to navigate and explore. When you set up navigation on Map, you can see much more information, including buildings, road colors, labels, trees.

2. Better notification experience

The notifications add contact photos for people and add larger icons to become easier to identify. To reduce distraction, the new notification summary notifies you where the time to deliver at a more appropriate, like morning and evening.

Besides, notifications are sorted by priority, with the most relevant notifications at the top, based on user-app interactions. Urgent messages are sent immediately, so important information doesn't end with a summary, and it's easy to temporarily mute apps and message threads next time or during the day.

3. FaceTime

FaceTime is one of the most commonly used communication tools helping us connect with families, friends, customers. With the latest iOS 15, conversations will be more natural because the new microphone modes take users' voices from the background noise. Besides, there is a grid view that allows more faces displayed on the screen. And there is portrait mode, you can concentrate on the person who is talking.

SharePlay is a new feature inserted in FaceTime. Users can listen to the same music, same movies, TV shows, and other experiences with friends on FaceTime. Users can play, pause, jump the session when you using Share play. This feature can work across iPhones, iPad, and even Macbook.

4. Live Text

Live Text can be the most popular feature in iOS 15. It recognizes text in a photo and allows users to copy or take other actions. For example, you can long-press a hand-written phone number on a picture, and select, select all, copy it, and make a phone call easily.

5. Focus Mode

Focus Mode is a new feature designed to help users reduce distraction and focus on study, working, and other things. When you set up Focus Mode, your iPhone filters notifications and other apps that may interrupt you. In addition iOS 15 also helps you to make a custom Focus, which decides intelligently people or apps to notify you. Here we would like to guide you on how to set up Focus Mode after updating to iOS 15.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Tap "Focus" on the Settings.

Step 3. Here you can choose "Do Not Disturb", "Personal", “Sleep", "Work", and if you want to add more.

Note: If tab an option to edit the which apps or people is allowed to notify you.

The known iOS 15 issues

It is a beta system till now, so we can hear some complaints about the iOS 15 beta, like the camera, WiFi problem after iOS update. Here we list some common problems to help you decide whether you want to update to iOS 15. But Apple keeps releasing new versions to work on the perfection of iOS 15, so some issues may get fixed soon.

Find My App

Some users reported that Find My app is not working well after update the iPhone to the iOS 15 Beta, Especially on Apple Watches. And sometimes, Find My Network works when your iOS device is set to English.

Widget issues

Sometimes, when you pick a widget from the gallery, a wrong widget may get out of it. And you will need to turn it off and reopen your Widget gallery to solve this problem.

Software or app Crash

If you open an app or a new window, sometimes, your iPhone will be frozen in iOS 15 beta. And a few people's iPhones reboot loop after the iOS update.

Besides, the Bluetooth, network, and other features become less stable than iOS 14.6.

How to update iPhone to iOS 15?

Usually, you can go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update" to download an official iOS. However, until now, you need to enroll your Apple device in the beta program before the official iOS 15 to release.

Step 1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Beta program in Safari or your browser. Sign up with your Apple ID.

Step 2. Click "Accept" when you see the beta program agreement.

Step 3. Follow the prompts and choose "iOS". Then click "Get Started" and choose to enroll your iPhone.

Step 4. Then download the Profile.

Step 5. Go to "Settings", and tap "Profile Download". Then just choose "Install" to install the iOS 15.

Backup iPhone for a secure iOS 14 Update

iOS 14 is attractive to iPhone users. If you want to update iPhone immediately, backing up iPhone data is very necessary to make sure everything is safe even if your get trouble in iOS 14 beta.

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Should you update to iOS 15? iOS 14 brings many new features and it is worth updating. Hope this post will help you to know better about iOS15. And before your doing so, please backup your important data with AOMEI MBackupper in case of any data loss.

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