By AOMEI / Last Updated February 3, 2020

iCloud storage is full

“I have used my iPhone 7 for 2 years. I like to use it to take pictures and have taken many beautiful pictures, but there’s the problem that these pictures have taken too much storage on my iPhone. My iCloud storage is full for there is just 5GB of free storage. I don’t want to pay for changing storage plan every month, so what should I do?” An iPhone user asked.

iPhone always provides quality experience to you while quality takes storage on iPhone. People used to backup iPhone files with iCloud, but the limited storage could be full someday. When the storage problem arises, you could do something to fix it, like deleting the repeating pictures, clearing unnecessary applications, or transferring data to PC to release storage. 5 solutions would be introduced in the following passage.

Solution 1: Transfer iPhone data to PC with free tool

When there is no enough iCloud storage to store your backup, you might need to transfer data to PC. To store your private files in PC makes you less worry about information leakage. AOMEI MBackupper is excellent software for transfer data from iPhone to PC. Just simple procedures are enough for you to store your files permanently in your computer.

  • Easily Backup: You could see all the features clearly on the interface and easily finish backup. It could be used to back up photos, videos, music, messages, and contacts.

  • Preview Files: Whenever you back up or restore your phone, you could preview and select the files you need to avoid saving useless photos.

  • Flexible Selection: For example, when you back up photos, you can select just some of them rather than the entire folder and you could also do this when restoring your phone. It allows you to restore files to another Apple device including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Clean Software: It is totally free and there is definitely no advertising. You could have a good experience with this pure application.

  • Widely Compatible: It supports most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 11 and would be perfectly compatible with the latest iOS 13.

3 steps to save your iPhone backup to computer

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper for free. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and tap "Trust" on it.

Step 2. Click Custom Backup. Click an icon to view and select files in folder if you need. After selection, click on OK.

Select Files

Step 3. Click the button Start Backup and your backup would be saved to PC.

Start Backup

Solution 2: Delete useless iCloud data and reduce the content of iPhone backup

If you still want to use iCloud when iCloud storage is full, the first thing you could do is deleting the unimportant data.

Go to iPhone Setting > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage

You could see the data that you have saved on iCloud. Deleting the unwanted files or old backup to release iCloud storage. Besides deleting data, you could also reduce the content when backup iPhone with iCloud.

Go to Manage Storage > Tap iPhone name to check

You could see the size of this iCloud backup, when you backup the device last time, and the stimated iCloud backup size. Below is the app data that is going to be included in iCloud backup. You could unchck the unneeded ones to reduce you backup size.

Check iCloud Backup Size

Solution 3: Enable Optimize iPhone Storage to release iPhone storage

If your iCloud could save no more files, you could release iPhone storage to save them. Except for deleting the useless or repeating photos on iPhone, the photos you have uploaded to iCloud could help you save storage, too.

If you select Optimize iPhone Storage, the quality of these photos already uploaded would be compressed which doesn’t influence previewing them, but to view the complete details would take time to download the picture from iCloud. To set Optimize iPhone Storage, you can follow these steps,

1. Go to settings;

2. Tap on Photos &Camera;

3. Toggle on iCloud Photo Library;

4. Select Optimize iPhone Storage.

After you finished these steps, it would take time for the system to deal with your photos. You can still preview your Gallery as usually but if you zoom in the photos, you will find it’s blurred. To get the original file, you need to log in iCloud to download it.

optimize iPhone storage

Solution 4: Clear useless data to stop taking iCloud storage

You can clear the useless data on your phone so that you don’t have to upload files to iCloud. The cache files of your social apps or apps having not been used for a long time must be cleared. The following steps will instruct you to clear the data of any app,

1. Go to settings;

2. Tap on General;

3. Choose Storage & iCloud Usage;

4. Choose Manage Storage, and then you can see the storage usage of your every app;

5. Choose the app you want to delete;

6. Reinstall this app in App Store, and this app would be fresh and take little storage.

Tips: You should check the app before you delete it in case there are any important files you missed. The data of apple’s preinstalled software can be erased without deleting them. You can obliterate the data of some apps in their own settings without uninstalling them.

clear iPhone data

Solution 5: Seek another cloud tool for more cloud storage

You could select another cloud tool to store our photos when iCloud storage is full.

Google Photos provide unlimited storage for high-quality files (photos with the quality over 1600 megapixels would be changed into 1600 megapixels and videos with the quality over 1080p into 1080p) and 15GB for original files.

It also has many stunning features. Visual Search allows you to fast locate the Photo you are looking for. If you want to find the photos you have taken in New York, you just search New York and this app would locate the photos in seconds. It could help you automatically back up your photos so you would not worry about losing your files. Save Space on Your Device could help you automatically delete the photos which have been uploaded already to release storage.

There are also many other apps like Flickr, Dropbox, and Amazon Photos, etc. You can try them if you like.


There are many solutions when iCloud storage is full. You could delete data on iCloud or reduce iCloud backup size to save data to iCloud. If you need to free up iPhone storage, you could optimize iPhone storage by compressing the quality of photos, clear useless data and apps. You could also find another cloud tool to repalce iCloud. If you want to transfer data from iPhone to computer, AOMEI MBackupper would help you save your files to the PC permanently.