By Nick / Last Updated May 9, 2020

Need to transfer apps to iPhone SE

The chance for you to upgrade your old iPhone has come. Apple releases the second generation of iPhone SE, starting price at $399. If you are using an old iPhone 6/7/8, the new iPhone SE is really worth upgrading.

The 2nd generation of iPhone SE is embedded with the most powerful mobile phone chip, A13 Bionic Chip, which is also the brain of iPhone 11 Pro Max. The performance of photographing is similar to iPhone XR, with a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera. The integrated improvement makes it more like an upgrading iPhone 8, which also uses a 4.7-inch display. You could know more tech specs of the new iPhone SE and see is it worth upgrading to iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE 2020

If your iPhone SE has arrived, you should consider starting to use it. You must have installed many apps on your old iPhone. Some of them are not so important, but some apps are necessary for you. You could have important game saves and works in the apps on your old iPhone. There should be transferred to the new iPhone SE. Let’s find out how to transfer every app to your new iPhone SE.

Method 1. How to transfer selected apps to iPhone SE with iCloud?

You might have used iCloud to backup your iPhone or let it automatically do it, but have you ever looked at which data it saves? iCloud would save iPhone Settings and app data, and you could decide which apps to save and which not. It would be very helpful, especially when your iCloud storage is almost full.

Step 1. Connect your old iPhone to Wi-Fi. Go to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups, find and tap the device name of the iPhone you are using.

manage iCloud storage

Step 2. Every app that is going to be saved in your backup would be listed. You might be confused about that some apps are frequently used, but the data which is ready to save is just 100MB. If the app data could be downloaded from the server like the app itself, songs, videos, they would not be saved to that iCloud backup. Apple really considers this for you. Now, check the apps you want to transfer and uncheck the unnecessary ones.

Check iCloud Backup Size

Step 3. Go to iCloud > Backups, switch on iCloud Backup and tap Back Up Now. Waiting for the task to complete.

iCloud Back Up Now

Step 4. Start your new iPhone SE. Connect it to Wi-Fi and sign in the same Apple ID. Select Restore from iCloud Backup and find the backup you have just made. If you have already set up iPhone SE and are using it. You need to go to iPhone Settings > General > Reset to Erase All Content and Settings.

Erase All Content And Settings

Step 5. Set up iPhone again and restore iPhone SE from that iCloud backup.

restore iCloud backup

Method 2. How to transfer all the apps to iPhone SE on PC with iTunes?

What if you have many apps you want to transfer, and the 5GB of free iCloud storage is not enough for you? You could use the unlimited free storage of your computer. iTunes on your computer could also be used to save iPhone data and transfer iPhone apps. You should know what iTunes backup includes, especially when you want to transfer contacts, photos, and messages, because iTunes would not save them if you have already saved them to iCloud.

iTunes backup could be used when you set up iPhone SE or after that. You have to know that if you restore iPhone SE from an iTunes backup, the data on your iPhone SE (if you are using it) would be totally rewritten.

After you restore iPhone from iTunes backup, you need to tap every greyed-out app to download them again. After that, you also need to sign in your account or download the media files in apps on iPhone SE.

Step 1. Download iTunes to computer. Connect old iPhone to computer and click the device icon in the upper-left corner of the window.

Device Icon iTunes

Step 2. Click Back Up Now to save the full backup of your old iPhone to computer. This usually takes a few minutes. After that, you could disconnect the old iPhone, connect iPhone SE to iTunes and click Restore.


Method 3. How to selectively transfer apps to iPhone SE on computer?

What if you want to transfer selected apps on computer? You need professional tool. CopyTrans Shelbee would be very helpful to you, especially when you have many game saves on old iPhone. With CopyTrans, you would have more options to transfer apps.

Step 1. Download CopyTrans Shelbee. Connect the old iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Make sure you have checked Save the apps and click Next to save apps to computer.

Save iPhone Apps

Step 3. Disconnect the old iPhone to computer and connect your iPhone SE to computer.

Step 4. Select the app data you need in the list and click Next to transfer the apps to iPhone SE.

Restore Apps to Iphone


Your old iPhone 6/7/8 could be upgraded to the new iPhone SE. If you have important data or game saves in apps, you should transfer them to iPhone SE. This passage introduces 3 tools, iCloud, iTunes, and CopyTrans, to you. You could pick the one you like to transfer data from every app you like to your new iPhone SE.