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I’m backing up my iPhone with iCloud as usual but something seems going wrong. iCloud backup is stuck at “About 1 minute remaining”. It’s been stuck for an hour. Does anyone know about it?

- Question from Apple Users

iCloud Backup Stuck

Backing up iPhone could protect our important information. You could retrieve lost data or transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone. It could also be a good choice to save your memory for you could recall your story from the old backup.

iCloud is a built-in application on iPhone. You could use it to save iPhone data to the cloud. It could be pretty convenient before issues arise. What should you do to fix iPhone backup stuck or taking hours? You could find the answer in this passage.

iCloud backup is usually finished in 1 hour. If it takes too long to backup iPhone to iCloud, you can fix the issue by the following 7 solutions.

7 Solutions when iCloud backup is stuck

iCloud backup stuck at 1 minute for too long can be harassing. Your iCloud backup might be stuck by system bugs or your iPhone could not trigger an automatic backup for some reason. Follow the solutions below to solve your problem.

#1 Reboot iPhone: Whenever you meet with problems when using iPhone, you could try turning it off and on again. System glitches could cause iCloud backup frozen but restarting iPhone could refresh the system.

#2 Update iOS: Compatibility is very important. If you use out-of-date iOS, some data could not be added to new backup and it might cause iCloud backup corrupt. In addition, iOS 13.1.1 might cause iCloud backup stuck on Estimating time remaining for hours. Users are confused about this but actually the backup has been successfully completed and could be found in iCloud settings. This is admitted by Apple later. As a result, updating iOS might solve your problem.

#3 Trigger automatic backup: If you enable iCloud backup in iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Backup > iCloud Backup, iCloud would automatically back up your iPhone but it would just happen when your iPhone is locked, and connected to Wi-Fi and power at night. You should be aware of that or would be informed backup failed.

#4 Reset network: Network is essential to use iCloud. If there’s a network problem, the task might be stuck. Except for checking your Wi-Fi, you might need to reset your network in iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting. Then, you should connect Wi-Fi and try again.

#5 Clear old backup: Sometimes the old backup might make iCloud backup slow or stuck because it is the incremental backup that iCloud produces. The compatibility of two backup files might conflict. Deleting the old backup and try again.

#6 Check backup size: iCloud backup might be stuck by no enough storage. Except for clearing the existing data in the iCloud setting, you could also decide the size of your backup. Go to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups > [your device name]. You could see when you backup iPhone with iCloudlast time, the next backup size and the app data that would be included in your backup. You could switch off the unwanted apps to reduce the size of your backup.

Check iCloud Backup Size

#7 Reset all settings: This might be your last resort. Before that, you need to backup iPhone to computer with iTunes or other software because it means erasing your iPhone. Go to iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Setting, and erase the data to refresh your iPhone and then set up the iPhone with your backup on computer.


Know about iCloud backup content

You have 5GB of free iCloud storage. Is it enough to backup your whole iPhone? iCloud would just save the important data like photos, messages, settings and app data. The backup files could not be viewed on iPhone and you could only restore iPhone from that iCloud backup when you set up iPhone, or you need to download iCloud backup with third-party software.

Save iPhone to computer to avoid iCloud backup issues

Saving data with cloud tools might be complex and it is likely to harm your privacy. You might come across all kinds of problem to connect iPhone to iCloud server. You could save iPhone data to your computer, AOMEI MBackupper. It is a free professional iPhone backup software. You could use it to backup photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages to computer with it.

Compared with iCloud and iTunes, it gives you more options, previewing and selecting data during backup and restoration, changing backup path, one-click viewing or locating your backup on the computer. You could backup iPhone to external drive using AOMEI MBackupper if you like. It is compatible with most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 and would perfectly support the latest iOS 13.

Click Start Backup


To fix iCloud backup stuck issues, you should restart iPhone to check whether the issue still exists and then troubleshoot the problem following the above methods. Apart from cloud tools, you could also use iCloud alternative, AOMEI MBackupper, to transfer the important data to computer so you no longer meet with iCloud backup issues.

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