By Dylan / Last Updated December 18, 2020

Can you backup text messages on iPhone?

“I just want to backup text messages on my iPhone X and save it to my computer. Because these messages contain many good memories, event worthy of joy or record, or important information. I don’t want to lose them for any reason. Is there a way to backup text messages? Any kindly advice will be appreciated. ”

Yes, there are many ways to save text messages from iPhone to PC for free. In the following, I’ll introduce you 3 commonly used ways in details. Continue to see below and choose the best way to backup text messages.

How to backup text messages on iPhone to PC? (Easily and Quickly)

Speaking of backing up text messages on iPhone, you may want the best way. So, in this article, I’ll first introduce you the best one. Next, you will get freeware AOMEI MBackupper and user guide.

AOMEI MBackupper is 100% free backup expert for iPhone 7, 8, X, XR, XS, 11 and Windows PCs. Its backup and restore speed is very fast, and higher than the average on the market. And it allows you to backup and restore text messages/iMessages selectively. Besides, it supports previewing text messages without restoring backup.

To backup iPhone text messages to PC, use the following steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to laptop or desktop using USB cable, unlock it and click “Trust This Computer” if asked. Then, download AOMEI MBackupper, install and launch it.

2. Click "Custom Backup".

Backup All

3. Uncheck other options and only keep the Messages icon ticked.

Click Messages

4. Double-click the message icon and uncheck the messages you don’t want to backup, then click “OK” to return the main page.

Select Messages

5. Click the horizontal line next to “Path” and select a path on your computer. After that, click “Start Backup” to start the task.

Change Path


  • If you want to view your text messages, you can select the backup and click the eye-like shape button “Browse”, then view any messages as you like.

  • If you want to transfer text messages to new iPhone, you can use “Restore” option.

How to backup text messages from iPhone using iCloud?

iCloud is a must-have backup tool in iPhone XR, XS, 11, 7, 8, X and it can backup your text messages, photos, music, etc. The problem is that iCloud will backup all of your messages but only offer you 5GB free space. So, you need to pay for extra space.

If you want an easier way, you can go back to the first method. If you don’t mind, just continue to To backup text messages on iOS 13 and previous version:

1. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.

2. Go to “Settings”, tap on the user profile at the top of screen, click “iCloud”.

3. Scroll down to Backup and turn on iCloud Backup, then click “Back Up Now”. After that, just wait unless the process ends.

Backup Messages Icloud

To backup text messages on iOS 11.4 and later, use the following steps:

1. Go to iCloud by the above steps.

2. Find “Message” and turn on it by clicking the slide button.

If you want to expert text messages from iPhone to pdf, please refer to: 3 Ways to Export Messages from iPhone.

How do you backup text messages on iPhone with iTunes?

Like iCloud, iTunes will backup all files on the iPhone instead of only text messages. Besides, the backup cannot be accessed unless you restore it. Even worse, the current data will be removed after restoration.

If you want to keep all your current data on iPhone or preview text messages without restoring, go back to the first method. If that’s not problem, see below and archive text messages using the following steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to computer, unlock it and click “Trust This Computer” if needed. Then, download the latest version of iTunes and install it.

2. Open your iTunes, click the iPhone icon and “Summary”, then tick “This Computer” and tag on “Back Up Now”. Just be patient and wait for the final result.

Backup Iphone On Itunes

Final words

To backup text messages on iPhone, you can use the iPhone backup expert “AOMEI MBackupper”, or the must-have tool iCloud or iTunes. All of them can achieve the same effect.

However, whether iCloud or iTunes, they have a problem that cannot be ignored. In iCloud, iOS 11.4 and later version can backup text messages only but the free space is just 5GB. In iTunes, you have choice but to backup all files from iPhone to computer. So, you’d better use the iPhone transfer AOMEI MBackupper.