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How to AirDrop Photos from iPhone to PC?

I have 2K photos on my iPhone X. They have taken gigabytes of space so I want to send them to my Windows PC. I used to AirDrop photos to my Mac, so I wonder whether I can use AirDrop to transfer photos to my Windows PC this time. If possible, how can I do that?

- Question from Apple Community

High-quality photos on iPhone will take much storage and post-progress in PC software would make them more beautiful, so that sometimes you need to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

AirDrop is introduced in 2011 to let sharing date between iOS devices easy. The device needs to install iOS 7 or later. You could transfer music from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop. Besides the mobile devices, you could also use AirDrop on Mac computer to receive photos, music, contacts, or other data from iPhone over the air.

AirDrop Icon

So far, AirDrop can only run on platforms like iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer. There is no AirDrop client to download for Windows computer, so you could not AirDrop photos from iPhone to PC.

If you have a Mac computer, follow this guide Backup iPhone Photos to Mac to know how to use Airdrop on Mac. If you want to use these photos on Windows computer, the following sections will help you export iPhone photos with USB cable or over the air.

Section 1. Transfer photos from iPhone to PC using wired Airdrop

The best way to get photos off iPhone is using AOMEI MBackupper because it is the fastest iPhone data transfer and exports the original photos from iPhone. Using AOMEI MBackupper would bring you the same result as AirDrop does. Besides, AOMEI MBackupper let you transfer unlimited photos at a time. If you transfer more than 500 photos with AirDrop, it might fail to transfer some of them.

  • Preview and Select: You could transfer the wanted photos to computer because AOMEI MBackupper allows you to preview and select iPhone photos.

  • Widely Compatible: AOMEI MBackupper supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/SP, iPhone 12 Pro Max/11/XS, iPad 8/Air 4, iOS 14/13/12, and other devices and operating system.

Step 1. Prepare AOMEI MBackupper

Download AOMEI MBackupper to computer and connect iPhone with USB cable. Usually, you need to Trust This Computer on iPhone and keep the screen unlocked during the transfer process.

Step 2. Select the feature

After AOMEI MBackupper recognizes your iPhone, select Transfer to Computer at the bottom on the home screen.

Transfer to Computer

Step 3. Preview and select iPhone photos

Click the cross icon in this window to preview photos on iPhone and select the needed ones. Click OK then.

Select Files

Step 4. Transfer photos

If you think you have selected enough pictures from iPhone, click Transfer to export photos to computer right away.

Transfer Photos

Section 2. Transfer photos from iPhone to PC over the air

Still want a wireless transfer? Although you can’t use AirDrop on PC to receive iPhone photos, you could still receive iCloud photos on Windows computer.

Unlike AirDrop, if you use iCloud to transfer photos, the Internet is required. You have 5GB of free space to store your photos on the server. The biggest disadvantage of iCloud is that even if you upload photos to iCloud, they still take the same storage on iPhone. Enabling Optimize iPhone Storage will help you reduce the storage that your photos take but viewing these photos would take time to download them every time.

1. Upload photo from iPhone to iCloud

Connect iPhone to a stable and fast Wi-Fi, go to Settings > tap [your name] > select iCloud > select Photos > switch on iCloud Photos. There are no options to select some photos to update. Wait for several minutes to upload all the iPhone photos to iCloud.

Turn on iCloud Photos

2. Prepare iCloud client on PC

Although you could check iCloud photos or directly download them from, it is still suggested to use the iCloud for Windows client to receive your iCloud photos, because it would be convenient to manage these photos later. Just download it from Apple Support. It only runs on Windows 10. If you are using the previous operating system, you can just download the photos from the web.

3. Download photos from iPhone to PC

Open iCloud for Windows and sign in the same Apple ID. Tick the box beside Photos and then click Options. Check Download new photos and videos to my PC. You could decide where to store your iCloud photos on your PC here. Click Done.

Open File Explorer and click the icon of iCloud Photos. Click Download Photos and Videos to get your photos on PC.

iCloud Photos


AirDrop is convenient for iPhone users to share data between Apple products. You have known that you can’t use AirDrop photos from iPhone to PC and why you can’t do that in this guide.

If you still want to transfer iPhone photos to Windows PC, you could use AOMEI MBackupper or iCloud for Windows to get photos off iPhone.

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