By Demi / Last Updated May 20, 2021

Can I use AirDrop with Windows 7?

I want to use Airdrop for local transfer, however, I have a PC with Windows 7. Is there a program which enables Airdrop for Windows?

- Question from GSM-S

Released in July, 2011, AirDrop provides a close-range wireless communication for Apple users, which makes it possible to automatically detect nearby supported devices and airdrop from iPhone to Macbook or other Apple devices as long as the devices are so close that they can establish a good WiFi and Bluetooth connection.

Airdrop Icon

Fortunately, there are some AirDrop-like apps for you to airdrop online to Windows. So, under this condition, the answer to the question above can be YES! If you are a Windows user who want the similar solution, this article will be worth reading. Here are 4 ways to airdrop to Windows online.

Part 1. Tools for Windows to airdrop

Microsoft Photo Companion

Microsoft Photo Companion, an app from Microsoft Garage project, allows users airdrop from iPhone to Windows online. Photo Companion has to work with Microsoft Photo in Windows 10 which is a built-in photo app in your Windows. That means you need to install the companion app on your iPhone while using the built-on photo app on your Windows device.

Microsoft Photo Companion

The process of airdrop is pretty easy. Launch the app and tap the Send Photo button on iPhone > Scan the QR code shown on Windows > Select pics and videos > tap Done.

Tip: Obviously, the only problem is that Photo Companion can just airdrop images and videos, which may not meet your needs.
Charge: Free.
Availability: Windows, Android and iOS.


Snapdrop is probably seen as the best AirDrop alternative, because you don’t have to go through a setup process just like what AirDrop does. It’s a simple web-based airdrop for Windows that enables you to transfer files over the same network.

Snapdrop Icon

How to airdrop by Snapdrop: Open the Snapdrop webpage on both iPhone and PC > Click the icon representing iPhone > Select files you want to transfer > Accept files transfer on Windows.

Tip: Since it works on the web browser, a stable internet connection is an essential prerequisite. Besides, if you pay more concern to its safety than its simplicity, you’d better think twice before using it.
Charge: Free.
Availability: Web.


Instashare is another great AirDrop alternative for Windows, which supports all file types and no limitation on file size. It is multi-functional and user-friendly, and it even includes a clipboard, so that you can share links and texts easily.


Here’s how to do with it: Open Instashare on both iPhone and PC > Click the icon representing iPhone > Drag and drop the file you want to transfer on iPhone > Accept files transfer on Windows.

Tip: Just like AirDrop, Instashare can just airdrop one file at a time. Thus, it’s not recommended if you want to transfer a large amount of files.
Charge: 7-day free trail, $5.90 to buy this app.
Availability: Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is one of the best AirDrop alternatives for Windows, which is different from most of the other file transfer apps. Send Anywhere allows you transfer to Windows online without the limitation of distance, which means you can airdrop files anywhere in the world. What’s more, it doesn’t compress the size of your files or take a long time to finish the upload.

Send Anywhere Screenshot

Install the app on both devices > Open it on iPhone, choose any files and create six-digit keys > Open the app on PC, enter six digit.

Tip: The airdrop online on Windows relies on a fast network speed. Besides, 10 GB storage space may be enough for most users, but if you want more, you have to pay $5.99 monthly. You can also enjoy faster transfer speed and customizable expiration time etc. after you pay the bill.
Charge: Free, $5.99/month.
Availability: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Kindle.

Part 2. Alternative to AirDrop with a safer and quicker transfer process

Transferring files via AirDrop or its alternatives to windows can be a contradictory choice. On the one hand, you can benefit from its convenience brought by wireless transmission. On the other hand, you may stuck in a slow transmission due to an unstable WiFi or bandwidth.

To guarantee a higher speed to transfer files, why don’t you use a USB connection, which is more stable than its WiFi counterpart. AOMEI MBackupper is the most suitable tool for you. It can transfer 100 photos in 2 seconds.

AOMEI MBackupper is also:
Simple and user-friendly: a clear interface and user-friendly design.
Enabling a selective transfer process: preview and select files while transferring.
Able to transfer large files: Large files can be easily transfered with no harm to existing data.
Fully compatible: from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone SE2020/12, latest iOS 14, as well as latest iPad/iPod etc.

Next, let’s take transferring photos from iPhone to Windows PC as an example. But first of all, download the software on your Windows PC for free.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Windows with a stable USB cable. Your iPhone will be detected automatically. Then tap Trust This Computer on iPhone.

Step 2. On the home screen, click Transfer to Computer option.

Transfer To Computer

Step 3. Click the “+” icon> Preview and select the photos you want> Click OK to confirm.

Choose Photos

Step 4. Select a destination to save the photos> Click Transfer to start.


Step 5. Click OK when the transfer is completed.

Part 3. Conclusion

Now, you can airdrop online on Windows easily with the help of these AirDrop-like apps. Apparently, AOMEI MBackupper is much more reliable than others. Or if you are wondering how to transfer files from Windows to iPhone, AOMEI MBackupper can also help you to make it.