3 Steps to Backup Your iPhone

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Other Data Backup Options

AOMEI also provides other backup services for full protection of data

Backup your computer data

AOMEI Backupper

Quickly and easily back up your files and system on computer with automatic, full, incremental, and differential backup ways.

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Backup your cloud data

AOMEI CBackupper

Professional backup service for backup all your data to cloud with free unlimited storage space.

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Why Backup Is So Important?

Losing vital files, like family photos, videos, work or study notes, is actually very common in today’s world. One small accident, like system failure, device missing, can make you lose all important data.

“I’m a music producer, and I often recorded my inspiration using voice memo and GarageBand apps on my iPhone. However, my phone was stolen on the bus yesterday, and all these vital records were completely missing. I really should have back up them.

- Emma

I work with iPad Pro a lot. And I uploaded all my work to iCloud for data security. But I don’t know why, iCloud lost my 700GB data and can’t recover them. It is really important to back up important data to an external hard drive or computer.

- James

Thanks for your concern, but this World Backup Day Sale has expired.

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