Back Up Your Desktop PC and Laptop

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AOMEI Backupper Pro

Smart and reliable Windows backup & recovery solutions.

  • The first choice to back up your files, system, partition and drives.
  • Quickly restore your system, files to get everything back to normal .
  • Provide advanced system and disk clone to ensure your data safe.
  • Smart backup strategy to make you backup easier and faster.
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Back Up and Transfer Your iPhone Data

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AOMEI MBackupper Pro

Easily backup and transfer your iPhone, iPad, iPod data.

  • Backup and restore your iPhone/iPad data with amazing speed.
  • Protect your data and release storage by iPhone transferring.
  • Selectively and incrementally backup to save your time and space.
  • Without any data loss during transfer, backup and restore.
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Back Up Your PC & Cloud Data to Cloud


AOMEI CBackupper

Securely backup data to cloud with free unlimited storage.

  • Backup all your cloud data to cloud without any data loss.
  • Backup & restore in superfast speed with the highest success rate.
  • Merge all your idle space into a large space to keep data safe.
  • Provided 8 different schedule options for automatic backup.
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Share Your Backup Story to Win $331 Backup Funds

Horror Backup Stories You Have to Look

Story One:

“I like music very much and my songs are basically niche. But just last week, my computer was stolen on the bus, so I lost all my favorite music, even family photos, videos, documents, and emails. I can only retrieve a small part of the song with my limited memory. I hate myself for not having a backup.”

- Lewis

Story Two:

“We have a complete user data system. Because of the sudden paralysis of our company's computer system, all user-related information was gone. We tried to find a computer repairer to help us recover the data, but it didn't help. Our company lost hundreds of customers and orders in just two days, seriously affect our company's revenue.”

- Architectural Design Industry


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