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  • Just curious..I have AOEMI PA Pro and in the wizard to make a bootable media....it fails to create a iso image? I have the win7 aik and the new windows 10 add-on but maybe the wrong "wim"...just wondering..

    Bob M.
  • Thanks Flyer...guess, at least for now..using GPT on the 1st machine.....Dual Windows 10x64 Pro.

    Have a great day :)
  • Update: I think I realized maybe what I did.. I used Rufus to write the Windows iso..using gpart on the other machine when I installed the second Windows 10. . On this one. I used the UEFI on both Windows on this machine. I hide all the partitions o…
  • Thanks, will give it a looksy...Have a great day JohnnyboyGo :)

    Bob M.
  •  Ok in Windows A which is the original (CarolinaOne), I would unassign (not hide) the drive letters for the ones I am seeing on Windows B?  Then go into Windows B and unassign, (not hide) the drive letters for Windows A? …
  • Thank you Flyer for all your help...really appreciated :)
  • If I  want to hide a partition so I don't see it on the second..which I just did on the first from the second one..it hide it but when I boot into first..the partition is hide and I would have to reassign a letter to it every time..make sense...Mayb…
  • Its like I want two machines in one. Kinda hard to reach into case and unplug one or the other every time I want to use another OS.
  • I think what I really want is not to be able to see the other partitions while I am in say the second OS.. I just was in the second OS and  used aoemi to resize a partition on the first OS and it worked so what I don't want to do is mess up stuff on…
  • If I am seeing the second windows 10 primary, etc from say the first..Windows 10; are you saying I can delete the partition from the windows i am using and it actually won't delete that partition when I boot into the other system.?  The main hard dr…