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  • @admin Somehow I got an E-Mail from AOMEI first that I did reply with the logs attached. It's all good.
  • @admin Yes, Google drive seems to have problems. The link was working before, dunno. E-mail should be ready.
  • @MrPresident There is definitely something going wrong. I am using backup software for ages and neither there should be read error when verified nor take seven hours for incremental backups for 4 TB. The ETA was around 10-40 minutes normall…
  • @admin  Yesterday I made two new backups with different schedule for C and D. That worked well and took around 7 hours for 4TB. I tried to verify the new C and D backup again and it stopped 2x with the error codes 4102 after round about 10% for C a…
  • @admin I did send it again (click on your name, click on message). ok, I will try that. If one backup (schedule) is working on a backup and the next one wants to start, I guess it gets paused and put to queue. It will take some time (4 TB). I st…
  • @admin One more thing I noticed: The incremental backup takes extremely long. The last schedule was yesterday. Now another backup startet 1,5 hours ago and has 20%. Since the last incremental backup yesterday I did not really work on my computer, j…
  • @admin Yes, please check pm for the download link. Thanks
  • @Admin So, here we go. As stated, the schedule for incremental backup works good now with the new version. "As for 4102 error, where did you save the backup? Please try to browse and select the image file manually to check." I can also open the…
  • Hello, thanks for your reply. I will reply shortly. I have to test some things that you recommended. So far, the new version works with schedule but the backup verification is still corrupt. I will tell you more soon. Many thanks.
  • I forgot to mention, that I already did a full chkdsk run on that backup drive before the backup. Te result were 18 replaced sectors. I am using AOMEI Backupper Professional 6.1.0. https://imgur.com/a/Svab5M6
  • Thanks for your reply. The backup was already created succesful. If I already have 31 replaced sectors and get another one in that one, huge file (66% of the hdd) it would probably be better to use folder synchronisation so that I can still access 9…