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  • in fact, I tried to setup a new backup, and tried to attach again/mount, the same thing. as I have written above: "the backup adi files can well be read if boot from AOMEI PE bootable USB"
  • No info was given. The backup.adi can be successfully mounted to e.g. G: drive, but if I click on it in windows explorer , it cannot open. the mounted drive can be easily detached/unmounted and disappear in windows explorer.
  • I have just got an idea if the deployment needs more HDD space, but the same thing should be for non-system.adi too, for the latter I can mount/decompress w/o any issue.
  • I am back and still want to make the old .adi backups be able to open. All the backup(.adi) for single partition(non-system) can be retrieved and mounted and readable within WinX. But those system backups NOT! Usually these backups contains 3 par…
  • would you pls help how to mount and make readable of the .adi backups? the backup adi files can well be read if boot from AOMEI PE bootable USB. Also if single partition(no system or EFI) then, it can also be mounted and readable. Now even the …
  • Thanks for the reminder. My .adi files are not incremental backups, just a one-time backup. It is really pity now that those files cannot be read anymore(already checked integrity). It is strange also, that I just did a fresh backup cannot be …
  • rcourtright, exactly I have a same issue, i.e. cannot explore the mounted backup (partition/system). This would lead to the system backup (.adi) useless!! Also I can confirm restore the system backup will make MacOS not bootable even …