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  • @garendell  The email issue and hotmail, I know that for gmail clients you have to enable the allow low security programs, in order for it to work. Maybe hotmail has a similar setting. I would look at 2 things, one your hotmail spam account…
  • Got the new update 0.0.2, not sure where to put bug reports? or maybe there's instructions I'm missing somewhere. Noticed that you added the IP segments section under settings. AWESOME!!!!!I enter 192.168.60 and add it. This is so I can see all the …
  • @briand  I was the onle who asked about it, and this is what I got in reply to an email:Hello, Thank you so much for contacting us.We will support managing computers on different subnets in next version.  If you have any other questions or…
  • No I can't upload a screenshot, as when it all over it reboots the computer and goes back to the desktop and has no logs.
  • Software is working very well! Got it running on several computers. If there was a way for it to communicate with other computers on different subnets that would be good. Example:IP range (AOMEI network software installed on this su…