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  • Thanks for the response. I don't want to make a disk backup of #2, because it's 3 TB, and the other partitions are full of data.  My system partition is only 60GB, and only 25 GB of that is used (I use almost all portable programs, which I store in …
  • After a crash course in decoding GPT partition tables, I think I see what happened.  Windows 10 has the usual EFI partition of about 128MB before the C drive, but it also has a WRE partition of about 450MB after the C drive.  Backupper copied all th…
  • WTF?  It doesn't work on Windows 8.1.  It says to build it on Windows 8 or less, then you can use it on Windows 8.1, but nobody who has upgraded to 8.1 is going to reinstall 8.0 just for that. 8.1 has been out for over a year.  How can a new pro…
  • I think I've found out what the problem was with the black screen.  It turns out that many, many Linux installation programs don't handle the video signal correctly.  I recently tried to install Kubuntu, and got the same kind of black screen.  When …