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  • Sorry. I added the file, but I pressed the 'post' button too quickly.
  • Attached is a video of desktop during running of the bat file.I hope you can find something useful in it.
  • BTW, I have tried this: I wrote a script to (1) taskkill Backupper.exe; (2) taskkill AMBackup.exe; (3) taskkill ABService, then (4) do the backup with AMBackup. Task #3 failed as 'access was denied'. Task #4 also failed, but without explanation. …
  • Absolutely not. Backupper GUI was not running  - not unless it had set itself running without asking my - or UAC - permission! On my PC, both Backupper GUI, and AMBackup ask for UAC permission, which tends to make it rather obvious when somethin…
  • Ran AmBackup.exe in command line window (call it 'window #1). This created a new command window as before (window #2) with the qt announcement described earlier, plus a statement that 'Another instance was running'. Then #2 window closed, leaving on…
  • Herewith bat file. The file is most definitely a work in progress. Error routines are unfinished, and the main body is sprinkled with echos for debugging. But everything except the AMBackup works just fine.
  • No. As I said, the command screen flashed up for maybe a second (during which time I quickly took a screenshot), then disappeared. I watched the Task Manager for signs that something was happening, but if it was, it came and went too quickly for me…