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How to really stop Aomei Backupper Service FOREVER?

After Installation of newest Aomei Backupper on Windows 10 I found a running Aomei Backupper service.
I stopped it AND DISABLED this service (in "Start type" of services.msc).

However after restart the service is running again.

Why does aomei/Windows not pay attention to the "disabled" option value?

How can I really stop Aomei Backupper Service FOREVER?


  • It's not that it's not paying attention - it's determining that the service is needed and re-enabling it. Nothing to do with Windows but Aomei. Would imagine if you deleted the service it'd re-create it. If you've nothing scheduled - why do you need to disable it. 
  • @Pstein, please don't disable the service. Or else, AOMEI Backupper can't be used.
  • What's the service for?
  • @Antdude, Its main functions are: 1. Scheduling of scheduled tasks; 2. Start up the backup service 3. start event backup. If you disable the service, AOMEI Backupper can't run backup.
  • As far as I understand a disabled Backupper Service only prevents AUTOMATIC SCHEDULED Backups.
    But users can do MANUAL Backups on demand.
    Thats the only way I want to do it.
  • @Pstein, MANUAL Backups also need to use the service.
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