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Unallocated space on my system disk

I've noticed how I have a small part of unallocated space on the disk after doing a system image restore.

I'm not really sure where this unallocated space comes and why it's there. I have tried to expand the main system partition to make use of this unallocated space but I don't get that option in Windows Disk Management.

Checking the source data in AOMEI Backupper, I see the same unallocated space. However, when choosing to make a new system backup, it's not included. That's why I'm wondering where it comes from and why it's later included in the backup and also restored onto the actual disk during restore?

This is what it looks like in Windows Disk Management

This is what it looks like when doing a new system backup. As you can see, the unallocated space isn't on this list of what will be backed up

Yet, this is what the source data looks like after the backup. Where you again can see this extra, unallocated space of the disk image. Even when it wasn't on the list of what would be backed up

How can I make sure this unallocated space isn't included in the system image and later ends up on my physical disk when performing a restore of the system image?


  • @WebMaximus, System backup will back up system-related partitions only. The unallocated space is not a partition, so it will not be backed up. Generally, all space on the disk is unallocated before creating partitions.
    The backup doesn't include unallocated space. When you restore, it will restore partitions to the destination location you selected.
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