Clone a drive with bad sectors?


I downloaded AOMEI Backupper because I'm trying to clone a 500GB Win7 "C" drive to an identical 500 GB drive (both WD). Problem is the drive I'm trying to clone has bad sectors and I can't find a way to get ANY program to skip the bad sectors and clone everything else. My Win7 machine is working, and all the programs I regularly use seem to work fine, so evidently the bad sectors are on a part of the disk I never/rarely use. The disk has only 12.6GB of free space on it. After the default clone didn't work (it got to 73%), I tried the "Sector by sector clone" and received this error:

 Execution time:    5/30/2017 8:00:27 PM
       Plan name:    Clone
       Operation:    Partition Clone
Execution result:    Failed
      Error code:    214
      Description:    Not enough reserve space. Please make big enough available space for target partition. If you have checked the "Align partition to optimize for SSD" option, uncheck it please and try again because this option will adjust partition accordingly and may cause this error.

Can you not clone one drive to another of the exact same size?

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • Backup the most important files of the drive and run checkdisk /R on all the drive's partition first (i.e. chkdsk C: /R)

    This may take a very long time, but after that you should be able to clone the drive.

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