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Backup Settings lost after upgrade to 4.0.3

After upgrading to 4.0.3 I've lost all my backup settings on one of my PCs. When I start AB, the home screen is empty, all jobs are gone.

Luckily I made an export of my settings a few months ago. So I imported them again, what first seemed to work. Since some jobs are scheduled, they started immediately. So far OK. But then they terminate abnormally with an error message "invalid parameter". And after that the settings are lost again and the home screen is empty again!

Please tell me how to fix this.


  • Ok, it seems I was able to fix it. I had to install ABPro-4.0.2 again and import the settings there. Then exported the settings again, installed ABPro-4.0.3 and imported them again. Hope they don't get lost again.

    Btw, the exported settings file claims to be an XML file but it's not. It's a binary format and not a valid XML file.

  • Same Here, keep losing the task list / BU settings. AB 4.0.3, W10, latest updates.

    If i import the list, tasks start automaticaly, instead of manual control. Some are scheduled, and it can be that they where missed last time?

    If i cancell such a task after loading the task list, i get errors, and sometimes list disapears again.


  • Me too! And I lost all jobs, because I forgot to export the settings. Back to 4.02.

  • Our technicians will analysis this problem, thank you for your feedbacks.

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