Partition recovery wizard won't let me select partition to recover

I am using the Professional edition. I am using the software from a bootable usb since the partition that i am trying to recover from a laptop does not have any OS now. After a full scan using the Wizard, i could see 13 partitions, out of which 2 are Ext4 file system and rest are NFTS. After looked at the files under the explore options, i decided to do a recovery of that specific partition (1(OS)) but the check box for that is not checkable, i see a message 'The selected partition overlaps with existing partitions, please re-select'. How do i proceed? In looking at previous tech support responses, they suggest using other tools to fix it for this type of issue. Anyone could post their recommendations and steps to proceed furthere? Thanks. 



  • Try shrinking adjacent partition slightly.

  • SIW2, Thanks. Can that be done from the wizard or command line? Can you share the steps if you have done it before?

  • Resize Partition option by clicking right at partitions is greyed out

  • Please try deleting all partitions on that disk and retry the operation.

  • Sorry to ask a stupid question. Does deleting all partitions wipes out everything on the disk?

  • Because you have more than 4 primary partition in your disk try change one or more of them into logical.. Just don't change c or system drive... that's it... I know it's a old post but I am putting this post for people who got here seeking for answer.. Had this problem solved it and here it is.
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