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New system backup creates a full backup rather than an incremental (Backupper Pro)

edited February 2017 in AOMEI Products Support

On my 64 bit WIndows 10 machine I made a new incremental system backup task yesterday, but today it did another full backup rather than an incremental.  I have "Enable Disk Space Management" set as incremental, retaining the last 7 versions.  I used the same scheme on my 32 bit Windows 7 machine for a long time without a problem.  The disk drive specified for this system backup task is a SSD.


  • Please try to run the task again, maybe it is now ok to do the incremental backup. If you choose to run the full backup before the scheme, you will have two full backup images.

  • It look like the task worked as you described.  Today the incemental backup was properly generated.

  • Yes, it appears that if you select to immediately run the backup the scheme does not make an incremental backup, but rather the next backup is a full backup and the then incrementals.

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