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Backupper 4.0 seems to be released!

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Just managed to download the new setup file via this link (used to be the link for v3.5; v3.5 had 79 MB, v4.0 has 82,7 MB) imageimageimage

Just not sure if I want to be the first one to try it on my system, though image


  • ...and the kernel mode drivers are still not code-signed by Microsoft. At least that's what my Windows is saying... image

  • I have noticed that during the installation of backupper 4.0 it refused to replace the drivers.

    So what I did was: first uninstall old version, reboot, install version 4.0, reboot.

    Very strange still with those drivers. Installation process ended with an internal error calling my browser (Chrome).

  • @Riset Thanks for your feedback. We would say yes,the driver problem is not solved in the new 4.0 version now. But we will solve it quickly, because the MIcrosoft company is on the end of the checking. We are happy it will be solved quickly.

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    @renehoss, We do not get your problem very clearly."Installation process ended with an internal error calling my browser (Chrome)." What is the error message? Please send us the screenshot.

  • imageImage1.jpg

    The error occurs at the end of the installation process when the installer calls the html-browser (in my case Chrome) to open some webpage.

    The error does not occur if I have Chrome already open when I install Backupper.

  • It is a pity that in the new version 4.0 Standard Edition has removed the option of Event-triggered sheduling backup,now it is only available in the PRO version or other paid versions. The same applies to the option Universal Restore.

    And what is the Standard version now blocked the option Run missed backup at the next system startup is absolutely unthinkable.

    I have the feeling that the task is to make use of the free version as more uncomfortable to push users to switch to the paid version. Only now regular home users don't need them financially. And many additional features of the paid versions and do not need regular home users.

    If of course, excuse me,but this is my personal opinion after the first Dating with the new version.

    I'm from Russia. Ask if you'll excuse me,since I translate from Russian and to Russian language using an online translator.

  • @ RusUser  Thanks for your feedback. We will record the suggestions to our leaders. They will discuss it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • More or less able to achieve the required goals by creating a task in Windows task Scheduler. And it is through the creation of a new task again manually,because the task that is created in Windows task Scheduler automatically using the appropriate settings of AOMEI Backupper Standard part of options reason for editing is disabled.

    Nevertheless, it would be much nicer and more convenient if the free version is still returned even if only the option Run missed backup at the next system startup.

    None the less great that there is a good and free program is AOMEI Backupper Standard!

  • That sounds good. Thanks.

  • Available version 4.0.1


    • Fixed issue: drivers are not digitally signed with EV certificate on Windows 10 Anniversary version.
    • Integrated many network card drivers into the Windows PE
      of AOMEI Backupper Server and Technician Editions to enhance its
      compatibility with more network cards.
    • AOMEI Backupper Standard supports to automatically run missed scheduled backups at the next system startup.
    • Fixed bug: infinite loop when real-time sync file that is being used.

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    Hello again,dear admin!

    Just fine in 4.0.1 free version (AOMEI Backupper Standard) back (unblocked) the option Run missed backup at the next system startup !!! Is it so quickly was considered,agreed and implemented my wish? Great,just great,thank you!!!

  • Thanks for your suggestions also.

  • Is already available the version 4.0.2,but the check for new version (manually or automatically) for some reason this time does not report a new version is available.

    Available version 4.0.2


    Version 4.0.2    (Released 2016-12-30)

        Fixed issue: the scheduled task of syncing files to a network path requires to re-enter username and password.
        Fixed issue: although there is no real-time sync task, the ABSync.exe also starts again and again after setting up a scheduled task of syncing files to a network path.

  • Yes, the latest version is 4.0.2. If you have the paid one, please contact  [email protected] to get the upgrade link.

  • Dear admin! Sorry,but I don't quite understand You. Who and what paid or have to pay? I use the free version of AOMEI Backupper Standard. And yesterday just manually downloaded the new version 4.0.2 from the official site and safely installed. All right. I don't need help support.

    My previous post I have written only to attract the attention of other forum users to ensure that the new version,and also to draw attention to the fact that this time the check for new version does not report the availability of the new version of the program.

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    Available version 4.0.3


    Version 4.0.3  (Released 2017-03-27)

    • Fixed issue: the computer won't go to Sleep Mode any more after performing backup operation.
    • Fixed issue: in some cases, the program crashes when backing up files with long path names.
    • Fixed issue: in some cases, the program cannot list files after adding a NAS.
    • Fixed issue: in some cases, the program crashes when continuously performing "Partition Restore" operations.
    • Fixed issue: the program crashes when restoring files to a network with long path name.
    • Fixed issue: incorrect backup type in email notification.
    • Fixed issue: sort log incorrectly based on Date or Time.
    • Fixed issue: the program notifies file backup succeeded, however, there is no backup image created
  • Available version 4.0.4


    Version 4.0.4  (Released 2017-06-01)

    • Fixed issue: when backing up/syncing data to network mapped drives, it requires to enter username and password repeatedly.
    • Fixed issue: if the username and password of network
      share/NAS contain non-English characters, it requires to enter username
      and password repeatedly when the program accesses network share/NAS.
    • Fixed issue: if the bootstrap of the dynamic system
      volume has not been backed up, it will not be bootable when restored to
      other disks.
    • Fixed issue: if there is an error when changing the boot
      files of dynamic system volumes, it will not be bootable when restored
      to other disks.
    • Fixed issue: in the cases of mounting image files in
      Windows XP/2003, it shows the partition is unformatted when accessing
      the partitions.
    • Fixed issue: error code 214 occurs when restoring/cloning data from a larger disk to a smaller one.
    • Optimized event-triggered backup of user log out and user log in.
    • Optimized the task of long path in file backup, file sync and file restore and avoid failure of these tasks.
    • Optimized the task of storing image files to network
      share/NAS; even failed to connect to network share/NAS, image files
      stored on it can still be viewed and edited.

  • edited August 2017

    Available version 4.0.5


    Version 4.0.5
    (Released 2017-08-15)

    • Support to restore files to a long path.
    • Support to clone dynamic system volume on MBR disk.
    • Optimized dynamic system volume backup on MBR disk.
    • Fixed issue: the program crashes when choosing the specified path on some interfaces.
    • Fixed issue: error code 4161 occurs during file sync if the target path exceeds limited length.
    • Fixed issue: file backup crashes when a large number of files are being used.
    • Automatically download Windows 10 image file to create bootable Windows PE media.
  • Available version 4.1.0


    Version 4.1 (Released 2018-04-10)

        Added feedback tool. To send your feedback to us, please click "Menu" on the top right corner of the main interface and choose "Feedback".
        Support to edit the tasks that don't have any backup image file.
        Improved the email notification message of failed tasks.
        Improved the existing multi-languages, including French (Français), Italian (Italiano), Dutch (Nederlands) and Turkish (Türkçe).
        Updated the email notification SSL.
        Optimized the registration step when upgrading the Standard Edition.
        Fixed issue: Linux partitions display as empty.
        Fixed issue: the program crashes when loading GPT disks in some systems.
        Fixed issue: the local file or folder with the same name opened when double clicking the file or folder of Share/NAS node.
        Fixed issue: the file attributes (read/hide) changed after being restored.
        Fixed issue: in the email notification, there is no subject or the subject displays as garbled characters.
        Fixed issue: the source partitions are incorrect when running a scheduled partition backup task.
        Fixed issue: the program doesn't prompt for re-entry after the username and password of Share/NAS have been changed.
        Fixed issue: error code 33 (failed to read sector) occurs when backing up or cloning disks and partitions in some systems.
        Fixed issue: error code 214 (insufficient space on the target disk) occurs when restoring or cloning disks and partitions in some systems.
        Fixed issue: error code 4161 (target location is not writable) occurs when syncing or restoring files in some systems.

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