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Cloud Backup

Does anyone know of a good cloud storage provider where I can place my aomei backupper files? I have been trying crashplan but I have a feeling it won't work with these files - Crashplan keeps reseting the upload. (Maybe that is just me and it is actually working?)

Anyway I was wondering what cloud backup solution you guys use?


  • only surport SugarSync、GoogleDrive、OneDrive、BoxSync、Dropbox、hubiC、CloudMe

    at present

  • edited December 2016

    Yes, Aomei Backupper supports to choose a cloud drive desktop APP as the target path of file backup and file sync, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Box, SugarSyync, Hubic and Cloud me. 

  • Unable to find a installed cloud drive in current system when I have one drive and dropbox installed on my pc.

  • There is the onedrive and dropbox APP on your PC,right? BUt you cannot choose them to as the destination. Did the software open via the tray?Please reinstall the software to try again.

  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no joy. I have the 4.0.2 pro version. I have permissions to the folder area. so I don't understand why it isn't letting me select dropbox or one drive for my folder backup

  • Did the dropbox and onedrive folder has the system privileges?

    Please check it.

  • imageCapture.JPG

    This is the permissions for the dropbox.ink shortcut which is in my windows explorer panel. I can use dropbox just fine. How would you like me to confirm it has system privileges?

  • OK, we get it. Please send us the whole log folder in the installation directory again, we need to find the problem.

  • imagelog.zip

    Can you email me when you have fixed the problem? It would be good not to check here every week or month waiting to see if you have fixed it.

  • We will check it.

  • I have downloaded the latest version 4.0.3 and the issue still occurs. Please can you update me on this.

  • The dropbox folder is a normal folder just like all other folders on the disk. There's is one difference. The files in it will be written to (synchronized with) the cloud also. So if you select the dropbox folder as the destination it should write to that on. Maybe you should close the dropbox program during the Aomei backup. You don't want the dropbox program to block the files you are currently writing to. No two captains on the same ship. You also need enough capacitity in your dropbox account. The free version is only 2GB.

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