Cannot explore my user folder in my system backup

When I am exploring a system backup I need to look inside my User folder But I can't. I need permissions which I cannot get.

I know I can copy the whole folder to another drive but it is 35.6GB and takes over half an hour to copy.

All this time wasted just to look at 1 file!


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    Sorry for the inconvenience, if you explore the backup for the "user" folder, you cannot access it for the permission problem. You need to do the restore to the original location.

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    You should use another file explorer than Windows Explorer like Q-dir.exe.

    Google on Q-dir for a download. 

    You can also use the Dos-box, CMD.exe if you are familiar with dos commands, to look at the files.

    This is a flaw of Windows not Aomei. You can use any other option or program to explore except Windows Explorer. 

  • Thanks Johnny.

  • Thanks it works! looks like a good tool to, will try it outimage

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