System backup from another drive

I have two? internal ssd's.  Originally, on both drives, a 50g partiton was created for the purpose on installing the operating system.  Windows 10 was then installed on each drive.

I want to be able to do system backups of disk 2 when I am on disk 1, and system backups of disk 1 when I am on disk 2.

When you select the Backerupper "Backup" tab, and choose "System Backup", the backup source is automatically selected.  No choice is given to do a "system" backup from another source.

Question:  If I select the "Backup" tab, choose "Partition Backup", and do a backup of all the partitions, from the other ssd, that comprise the operating system, will I essentially be creating a "system" backup, the same as if I selected "System Backup" from the Backerupper interface, that then could be used for restoration purposes on either ssd?



  • Yes, the system backup just can backup the runing system. If you use the Partition Backup to backup the system, maybe it is not bootable.It just copy the data.

  • So are we saying that you can only create a backup from the active hard drive, not from another harddrive?

    If you do create a backup from another drive, can you resolve the boot issue with the rescue disk?

  • Yes, you are right. It just can backup the system disk when it is booting to ensure the system is bootable when you do the restore.

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