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AOMEI Backupper Pro: Suggestions and issues

First of all, Aomei Backupper is a great tool, I like it. After years of trouble with another tool, I'm happy to have changed.

Here are some suggestions and issues I gathered in the last weeks:

1) [Suggestion] Improved space management.
Space management could be improved. What I really miss is the option to manually delete specific backup versions.

For example, suppose I have the following backup versions: Full10-Inc11-Inc12-Inc13/Full20-Inc21-Inc22 etc.
I'd appreciate if I could delete
a) a full set (like Full10-Inc11-Inc12-Inc13)
b) a single specific version (like Inc12)
Sure, the tool must be smart enough to do it right. If I delete a full backup, subsequent incremental or differential backups most likely also have to be deleted.

2) [Bug] Remaining backup time clipped / [Suggestion] Resizable GUI
Aomei Backupper has a small application window (only around 750x530 pixels) and it's not resizable. It's dimension is too small, therefore it clips sometimes important information. For example, if application language is set to German, during a backup one cannot see the estimated remaining of the backup (see screenshot)


3) [Bug] Notification e-mails are incorrectly encoded.
Notification e-mails are incorrectly encoded, see attached screenshot.


4) [Suggestion] Only one backup settings dialog
The settings for a specific backup are scattered over two dialogs; one called 'Edit Backup' and the other one called 'Schedule Task'. Why not just have one dialog where all the settings can be done?

5) [Suggestion] Allow creating new directories on a NAS.
When selecting the backup destination path on a NAS, please implement the possibility to create a new directory (no need to change to Windows Explorer). Why is this important? - As a security measure, Aomei Backupper is the only program allowed to write to a specific network share, e.g. \\NAS\backup. Because of ransomeware and other malware, I don't want to allow Windows Explorer to write to this share.


  • "1) [Suggestion] Improved space management."

    Thanks, we get it. But it has the tech difficulty. But we will try it.

    "2) [Bug] Remaining backup time clipped / [Suggestion] Resizable GUI"

    Yes, the software has that problem.  We will fix it. And for the resizable window. We will consider it.

    "3) [Bug] Notification e-mails are incorrectly encoded."

    You can choose to send it with text not html.

    "4) [Suggestion] Only one backup settings dialog"

    There are many settings you can do. if it just has the two settings. Maybe youu just set te schedule backup not actually do the backup.

    "5) [Suggestion] Allow creating new directories on a NAS."

    Thanks for thsi suggestions. We will discuss with the technicians.

  • thanks for your answers and considering the improvements :)

  • Would it be possible to add an option to allow a choice of priority of a backup like Acronis True Image.

    I find that if I have multiple processes running the backup grabs the available bandwidth preventing effective use of other processes until backup completes even though CPU & RAM use is not that high

  • any possibility of adding USB3 driver to support USB3 external HDD for backup/restore.

    My current USB3 external HDD is only recognised by Aomei partition assistant boot CD if plugged into USB2 port

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    @dominator99 thanks for your suggestions, we recommand them to the technicians, they will try to consider them.

    "My current USB3 external HDD is only recognised by Aomei partition assistant boot CD "

    Is the external HDD 4096? If yes, the Partition Assistant will recognize it but Backupper cannot.It is not about the USB3 driver.

  • Possibility to exclude one folder from disk image backup. There are some folders with large size that they are not important from the user, and it would be great to have the possibility to not include them on a system image backup or on a disk backup.

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    Try this:

    List of files that won't be backed up are listed here in the registry of Windows:


    Aomei respects those entries. So that is a convenient way to exclude files from the backup. 



    f:\nb2\*.* /s

  • AOMEI Backupper cannot support to exclude some files when you do the disk backup. But the solution suggested by Johnny is the right way. You can try it.

  • @admin:

    But why it's not possible? For example, Acronis is able to do it.

    I'm testing Aomei Backupper now and really like it but absense of this feature is frustrating

  • @Speedskater Sorry for the inconvenience, we will consider this feature in the future.

  • Universal MBR and UEFI boot media

  • Suggestions:

    I like the software and it is simple to use. However, It will be great if they have the option to backup and restore Sharepoint, Exchange, and databases such as MySQL.

  • admin: thanks for the feedback! One more suggestion - would be awesome to have feature to backup through FTP, for example websites.


    I've change the registry, however AOMEI still backs up the excluded folders and files.

    Is the entry "Z:\Temp /s" correct if I want to exclude the folder "Temp" including all files and subfolders? Or I should do "Z:\Temp\"." /s"? Or something else?

  • @speedkater: I wrote in #7 something like:

    Z:\Temp\*.*  /s

    *.* means all files and /s means including subfolders.

    Have you tried that?

  • JohnnyboyGo: Yes, I've tried, but it works in a strange way - it doesn't backup only ~half files from those folders

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     it doesn't backup only ~half files from those folders

    I have no idea what you mean, please elaborate.

    When I do this, only the folder structure (the folders) is in the backup not the files in the folder. If I look at the properties of the top folder in the backup it reads: 0 bytes, 0 files, 15 folders (or some other # of folders) while the actual original folder is:68,9 GB, 57 files,15 folders.

  • JohnnyboyGo

    I said a bit wrong about half of the files, it depends.

    For example one of the folders on my PC has size 252Gb and 23803 files, after backup I explore the image, this folder has 101Gb and 15216 files.

    The other is 53,2Gb and 77 files on PC and 21,7Gb and 16 files on backup.

    I have no idea how AOMEI chooses which files to back up or not.

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    @Speedskater, so you mean half of the number of files of Z:\Temp is in the backup although the registry entry of FilesNotToSnapshot is "Z:\Temp\*.*   /s " ? 

    Can you make a screenshot of the FilesNotToSnapshot entries ?

  • I’m using AOEMI Backupper Pro on a Win10 workstation, but also have been using Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) on Mac OS for some time & is still the most full-featured backup suite I’ve used to date.

    Could I suggest two features that would be highly useful for AOEMI:

    1) add to event triggers a ‘when disk mounted’ option. In this way, backups can be created on demand by (say) simply powering up a JBOD. More flexible than the other scenarios and/or time-based.

    2) Related, create an ‘all back-ups pause’ feature that overrides above (1) if required. In the case of CCC, this defaults to 1 hour, but can be made to be any temporary duration.

  • I would like to use the backup on shutdown open so that the computer gets backed up at the end of a working day. The trouble is that users sometimes need to reboot their computers during the day. If they do this they then have to wait for the backup to complete which can take a long time.

    It would be nice on shutdown (or sign out) to have a message 'Backup will start in 30 seconds' and have the option to cancel the backup before it starts.

  • Thanks for great software. Really happy with real-time File Sync being added. I was able to get rid of a buggy app I'd been using for that.

    A couple of suggestions.

    1) I agree with the suggestion for a folder exclusion list for backups. This is common in most backup programs. I have a couple of large folders where I gather archives that don't need to be backed up and they considerably increase the backup size.

    The suggestion to edit the registry is not useful as it means managing the list outside the interface.

    Manually adding all the folders in File Backup except the ones we don't want is an option but the limits of the window size make this harder to manage and it won't automatically update as we add new folders.

    Perhaps another option here would be for you to add a feature to File Backup to add all folders, then just remove the ones you don't want. But again, this would miss new folders added later. An exclusion list would be more reliable.

    2) On real-time File Sync, it would be nice to have a versioning feature so we can have a few copies. (deleting the oldest as the newest is added) This would make it more powerful for key files. For example, if the file is corrupted and we save, File Sync will automatically replace with the corrupted file. If there was a version prior, that could be restored, saving the day. File Sync tools like Yardis and File Hamster do this.

    Certainly, the daily backup would be an option but when we spend hours on key files, we don't want that time lost.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • @pcripps @DavidFB Thank you guys, good suggestion, we will consider it.

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