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AOMEI PE Boots, then BSOD's



  • "Sorry for being so slow to be able to test my installation.  @Peter13feb, thanks for your comments.  AOMEI should have some of this on the promo & download page for PE Builder--so people will know what they are getting into (an incomplete and not yet fully functional program in every situation.)"

    Sorry for all of that. We will improve the PE Builder ASAP.

    "I am not sure if what I downloaded is the July 9 version--I went to find what SIW2 mentioned on July 8.  Was there on update the next day? "

    For PE Builder or AOMEI Backupper? We release the AOMEI Backupper new version on July 12.

    "Nice having the other small programs, but would be nice if you included short Help files how to use them, and what they are even for."

    Thanks for your feedback. We get it. What si the actual operation you want to do now? We will give you more detailed steps.

    "When I did the first install, I saw no network was available. "

    And we are also sorry the software cannot support the wireless network in the WinPE. 

  • edited July 2016

    >>>>>question would it matter at all to boot either 32 or 64bit version from a WinPE disk to use Partition Assistant or even Backupper, no matter the Windows version of the target computer?

    Answer:  Partition Assistant and Backupper are the same and it would not matter.

    >>>>question: -I'm not sure if this backup file would be readable on the 64bit system?

    Answer: backup file format are the same, and file systems are the same.  Therefore this works cross-architecture.

    >>>>question: about not being able to boot 32 bitWinPE on 64bit UEFI computer.

    Answer: it might not boot as Windows PE has the restrictions mentioned. However most 64bit UEFI computers might have legacy boot mode, that is BIOS mode. (for example my HP computer does have legacy boot mode, but my virtual VMware UEFI computer does not have).

    Answer: in addition the bootable media created by PA oder Backupper might have even more cross-architecture restrictions, depending on what they create, and also because they pull part from the creation computer, depend on what is on that computer (the vendor might place a non-standard WinPE there working just on that computer).

    Answer: some utilities in the Windows command shell, when one uses them at all, for example bcdboot, might not be able to work cross-architecture  Therefore 32bit bcdboot might not write the correct bootmgfw.efi for a 64bit uefi computer, as an example.

    There is no reason to create a bootable media on a 32bit computer when the target computer is 64bit. It is best to create the bootable media on a computer with the matching architecture, or directly create it ahead on the target computer.

  • @Admin:  In the other thread on WinPE Builder, SWI2 advised that the Win7 version of PE Builder is supposed to be able to support a wireless adapter.  However, I have not yet been able to get the drivers to load and work.  Hope I will have time to try again soon.


  • Sorry, there is a small problem of the wireless recognization in the WinPE.

    We will try to fix it ASAP.image

  • So not to bump this old thread.. I have managed to get WINPE Maker 1.5 to actually create working buttable x86 WINPE... by instalinng plain windows 7 x86 (32bit) copy inside virtualbox and loading BackUpper and Partition Assistant and then creating WINPE.  so now I have latest version of the utilities and it boots up without the BSOD .. I'll keep this copy of OS not updated so I can rebuild WINPE's as I need..  just figured out its worth sharing.

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