Refresh an existing backup

Is it possible to refresh an existing backup, if not perhaps this feature could be added. Thank You


  • And what is Refresh? Make a new one and delete the old? There are also incremental and differential backups you know.

  • Maybe - you want to Import an existing backup using the Arrow button on the "Home" screen of AOMEI Backupper. That way, the backup is again added to the home screen.

  • So it means the older backup image could be overwritten by the new one?If so, it seems a little bit tricky. But a useful suggestion as well.

  • Acronis True Image Backup has a Refresh option, I think it just adds the new data to the orignal backup. This cuts down of the number of backups needed. We had to part ways, I could no longer afford their upgrade prices every time I upgraded my operationg system. 

  • You can do the incremental backup and the differential backup.

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    One has to look up in google what Refresh means in the ATI context.  In ATI, the issue is that the image format has changed from versions before 11 and Refresh fixes this.

    Given what #4 @Railroader wanted, answer #5 of @admin is in fact adequate. Perform a differential backup and you are set. But my answer #2 could also be right (import an existing backup to the home page of Aomei Backupper)

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