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Restoring from boot disk

I am running Windows 10 which has a 100 MB system partition with no drive letter and a 146 GB partition assigned to the C partition on a MBR formatted disk. After booting from a USB Aomei 3.2 Backupper disk and following the instructions for a system restore (MBR disk) it shows the system partition from the backup going to the target drive C partition. It also show the C partition drive from the backup going to the target drive G partition. Is this the way it should display. Are the target drive letters insignificant?


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    Drive letters do not matter. Drive letters are different when running Windows PE, than when running your Windows.

    +Drive letters are sticky within one Windows. In Windows PE they are assigned in some order, not even sticky, and also to drives hidden in Windows.

  • Sorry for that.

    Is there C,D,E,F and one partition with no drive letter in the disk before you do the system restore?

  • There are no D, E or F partitions on the disk being restored or the target drive.

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    as I tried to write above., the drive letters are assigned per every Windows. In your regular Windows it is one set of drive letters and invisible partitions. In Windows PE it is a different set of drive letters, for the same partitions.

    Charlie, there are partitions besides system and OS partition, and there is a CD-ROM that also got a letter between C and G. The backup medium gets a drive letter. And probably you have hidden partitions on that disk, for example the Windows Recovery partition (350~450MB) and perhaps an OEM provided hidden partition.

    Drive letters are not a sticky property to partitions, whereas for example size of partition is a sticky property, and volume label is sticky.

  • Thanks Peter13feb for the clarification. This is nice information to have for the future.

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