Backup information can't be read

Hallo forum. I hope we can manage my case since I have AOMEI installed in German language so I don't know the exact equivalent terms in English. Anyway, I'll try to explain what I need to know.

I'm saving my backups on an external HD in a well assorted structure to find them back easily. With the last 2 backups something went wrong so I had to move them into a different folder. Now AOMEI can't find them again and clicking on any link in AOMEI I would receive a message saying something like "Backup information can't be read", image file might not be at the location or access denied. If I never performed the backup task I'd have to perform it first.

Well, I wrote this backup and it cannot be read by anything on Windows but AOMEI and AOMEI refuses to accept it. I went to tools - import and gave the right path but it is still not integrated on the home site of AOMEI. It is meanwhile visible there, but the links don't function.

Does anyone have an idea how I can manage this? I'm not sure if the file can be used for backing up my system in case of any emergency.

Thanks a lot for your replies.


  • imageAOMEI Home can't find backup.jpg

    imageSicherungsinformationen AOMEI.jpg

    I added 2 screenshots, so you can see what I'm talking about.

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    Can you explore the backup via Utlities->Explore image? Then browse to the desired path. (Bottom of the screen). This wil also add this task to the Home menu. Then you can delete the old task.

  • Hey JohnnyboyGo. Yes, I can explore the image using Utilities - Explore image. But afterwords I still get the same message on Home screen saying that the file can't be read when I click on the menu entries. The moved backups appear on home screen, but unlike the ones I left at the same location where I had created them, these backups cannot be recognized on home screen with the menu arrows.

    I used to have Acronis before. Acronis provides a function to detect and overtake backups into the home screen list. This is what I'm looking for in AOMEI right now.

  • Daywalkerwife. I just tested such a move of the image file and yes you are right. It is still not accessible in the home menu. But I was able to change the path in the configuration files as well, and now it seems to work.

    I edited the file C:\program data\AomeiBR\tasks2.2.xml in Notepad. Renaming the original file and saving it back to tasks2.2.xml

    This is the line where I changed the path.

        <Image path="C:\test\" passwd="0" NasUser="00" NasPass="00" />

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    Oops  I justed tested again because I wasn't sure that I deleted the task in the home menu after I moved the image files. Now I did remove that task. And when I explored the image as I descriped in entry #2,  the task was added again in the home menu. And now everything worked without editing the xml files.

    So the trick is: Delete the original task in the home menu. Than explore the image to get the correct task back in that menu.

    So you have two methods now of correcting the path: entry #4 and #5

  • Hi, you can directly delete the task from home page and then re-import to the homepage.As you can see from the pic i post.image
    You can also click restore and then browse the path to add it.

  • Thanks

  • Ok JohnnyboyGo. I'll try these. And @ Neo: Kind of tricky expression "Delete backup". That could be misunderstood. I do not intend to delete any backup, I just want to delete the entry on home screen. Is that what it does? image

  • image Oh yes. I got it. Thanks to both of you. Your descriptios were great. Worked perfect and now these links function again. Jipppeee. All I had to do was to dare clicking delete backup. And then chose the path to the backup file again. So easy. I think that has to be taken up in the help files of AOMEI. It is too easy to figure out image. And Delete Backup can be really misunderstood. Should be renamed to something like delete entry.

    Happy geetings!

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    "Delete Backup can be really misunderstood. Should be renamed to something like delete entry. "

    Actually, If you select Delete Backup and the backup image can be found, the normal procedure, then it will ask "Delete only the task or both task and files?", But when the files cannot be found, you moved or deleted them, it just erases the task.

  • That's correct. I just witnessed that behavior when I reassorted my list on home screen.

  • Nice try and glad to hear all things work well now. In my opinion, someone can select to delete the entry or image file while chose "delete backup" is not that bad. But would mislead someone somewhat.

  • Thanks guys for the advice regarding 'resetting' the image path. Worked just great (using the delete task in the menu mode).

    I agree with JohnnyboyGo - with only the initial option being 'delete backup', users are not keen to follow that option if they do not know what is to come.

    I would like to see an opton in the Home menu that asks the user where the backup image is located (this would be especially useful if you use the same ext USB harddrive for backups on multiple stand-alone PCs/Laptops where backups were done using system designated drive letters).

  • We will consider this advice, thank you.

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