Cloned my Drive and gained an extra boot partition!

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I cloned my MBR drive which has a 100MB boot partition a system Partition of 232GB and 466MB unallocated space at the end

The Clone had an extra 99MB boot partition inserted at the front of the others?



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    pls show a picture and probably the 100MB and the 99MB are called system partitions, whilst the 232GB is the boot partition (partition containing Windows).

    Could imagine that the 99MB was already there on the disk, and cloning copied everything into the free space after. It remembers me having seen such when restoring system backup to a non-empty disk, using Backupper32. And your case, it could in addition not overwrite the 99MB with the 100MB partition.

    It probably does not matter, but was it PA or Backupper, and what kind of Clone:

  • Original drive is Disk 0 the clone is Disk 4 , used Backupper Pro

  • the names "Boot partition" and "System Drive" are in my opinion not Windows designations but just volume labels. C:  has originally no volume label. The text in the bars (system, boot) are original. This mislead some of my words.

    I will try to reproduce but I cannot system clone right now.

    Another possibility is to having cloned twice, and on the second occasion everything went into the C: partition, I have seen such misbehaviour on Restore and take it for accepted, there are more such issues. I do not believe that with one Clone onto an empty disk it made two (system) partitions.

  • I will try it again and see what happens. this time I will format the drive first.

    Backupper did say that everything on the drive would be deleted though.


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    please do not format partitions (drives), but do delete partitions to make the disk empty. There are issues, but wording in addition conceils them. (partition, volume, drive is one thing, it can be formatted NTFS and obtain a drive letter. disk, device is the other thing, it can be partitioned by mbr scheme.)You can also use diskpart to clean the disk #n (cleaning also makes it mbr scheme).

    Be careful to clean the right disk, when you clean, (and there have been complaints that backupper does Restore to the wrong disk, and you have enough disks connected, Assuming Restore is the same code as second-half-of-cloning, makes me tell that.

    You may format the partition (drive) c: and see what happens. I
    predict you will gain another (system, active) partition, when doing a
    system clone, having then four primary partitions.

  • Is evrything ok now?

    1, Can you boot it from disk4?

    2, We cannot see the picture clearly, please send us again.

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