mpooley wrote that Backupper doesn't support GPT. I would not believe. Mike, and Admin, please clarify. Thanks.

It is there, item number #5:


  • Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

    And we will clarify it ASAP.

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    GPT restore system indeed does not work!

    However, I found more.

    The problem is that GPT restore does restore WinRE, System and C:
    partitions into former C:, instead of into three partitions. After that
    restore, Windows does not boot, and there are two WinRE and two System.
    This situation can be fixed however: delete the first WinRE and the
    first System of the two (using diskpart from the Extended boot options),
    and then Windows boots.

    To make GPT restore better, one has to delete WinRE, System and C beforehand (using diskpart from
    the Emergency disk). There is also a reserved partition of size 16MB and
    I don't yet know what to do. I deleted anyway and it worked.

    (As a side remark I'm quite sure that Multiboot would not work either, because System must not be restored in its entity. Just the Windows boot record there should be restored. But I'm single-boot anyway and Multi-boot is not the issue).

    There was a lot working very well: UEFI emergency disk, NAS/Shares, overall restore, identical behaviour in Windows and in Emergency disk, everything except the issue with restoring three partitions into the place of one.

    Screen Shots are from the System Restore, and show the resulting partitions (in german). System was EFI / GPT / Windows 10 x86.




  • Sorry for the inconvenience.

    As our product only support you to choose one partition to restore.(For example:C drive)  partition and you need to delete one to ensure the system boot normally. 

    After the restore process there is a new system partition but the original system partition still remains so there are two system partition and you need to delete one to ensure the system boot normally. 

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    Deleting the two partitions looses disk space, Also MSR is not handled correctly by all of this. MSR is described here: for your developers. MSR should be handled correctly, although it is not beeing used right now.

    I think that it would be quite easy for AOMEI Tech to do GPT system restore well, not asking for partition but restoring to existing WinRE and System and C:. It is just this step that is not done well. My suggestion is to do this well. And most of system restore for GPT already works properly. (For MBR system restore it correctly restores two partitions, and does not ask for partition, I post a picture soon).

  • Thank you very much for your suggestions and we have sent your suggestion to our Tech Team.When we get progress we will let you know.

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    Backupper some few more GPT inconveniences

    - System Backup does not back up the MSR partition.

    - Partition restore (from a Disk Backup) does not restore the MSR partition as assigning MSR partition type. It is restored as assigning Primary or Data partition type.

    - EFI partition is restored as Primary, not as EFI system partition.WinRE is type de94.....

    - WinRE partition also should be restored as WinRE, not as Data partition.

    - restore GPT system backup to an clean disk, attempts to create MBR disk, instead of offering conversion to GPT disk.

    - also restore GPT disk backup to a clean disk could offer conversion to GPT, instead of assuming MBR.

    - edit Partition allows Primary and Logical. But on a GPT disk partition types are Primary, System, Reserved.

    (MSR partition is unused right now, but should be present, has been defined by Microsoft, and belongs to C:) Please note Disk restore does indeed restore the MSR partition and assign it MSR partition type.

    Partition Assistant inconveniences found

    - Copying a partition does not include copying its Volume Label. Volume label of the Copy is uniformally "Kopieren" (when german language selected). There is even no way to designate the volume label.

    - It always assigns a drive letter, even when (Keines, i.e. None) is selected in the Edit Partition sub-window.

    Hopefully all would be easy to do even without much work, and are elementary when a busniess is working in the GPT partition and bootable realm. AOMEITech does a lot very well, and  this inconveniences were not found early.

  • Thank you very much for your effort to find out these problems.

    And we have recorded these issues then we will send to our Tech Team to make progress.

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