Issue Shrinking / Resizing Partition

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I know this is a pretty simple idea, but following the video on this website I still can't seem to get more space on the partition I select.  I have a photo and I am trying to allocate more space onto my C:OS partition.  Can someone walk me through what I'm doing wrong?  I'm basically following the the video from this link... 

No matter what I do I feel like the free space goes to the far right (of the DATA partition) and I'm unable to apply that storage to C:OS.  Can someone please help a beginner? 



  • Your problem is that you did not use the suitable version of our product and you can use Partition Assistant Standard to complete it.And before you do it you'd better check your partition by that software to make the process smoothly and quickly.

  • What is the suitable version?  It seemed like the downloaded the same version that is used in the video of the user doing exactly what I need to.

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    You can use Aomei part assist standard.

    You will have to do it in steps.

    1) There is about 25gb data on your E volume. Copy any of that you want somewhere else, e.g. onto D volume

    2) Now you can delete E volume. Apply.

    3) Move D volume all the way to the right. Apply. (There is a fair bit of data to move so it will take a few minutes.)

    4) Now you will have unallocated space on the right of your C volume which you can extend C into.

  • SIW2:  The Aomei part Assist Standard is not for Servers.  Any other advice?

  • If you are using server os, you will need the paid server version of part assist.

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