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BackUpper Enhancements

Here are some enhancements that I think woudl be useful.

1) During a backup, if the destination gets disconnected Backupper just hangs.  Have to end task the process.  Would be nice if the program detects the destination timed out and fails the backup automatically.

2) Option to specify excludes on disk image backup.  This would help reduce the backup set size for those who don't care about pagefile.sys, hibernate, ost files, etc.

3) To really entice corporate IT depts to use BackUpper, a central management console would be slick!  Abilitiy to monitor, adjust and control and update BackUpper on a corporate network.  Could also be helpful for MSP's as well.

4) Ability to limit subnet that backup runs on.  For example, a laptop could backup to a NAS in it's home branch (subnet A) but when connected to another location (subnet B) the backup doesn't run and tie up the WAN link.  

Other than that, great product and I hope to use more and more.


  • Forgot one....

    5) Create own event log or option to write to windows application event log for monitoring programs to pickup on success / fails for jobs.

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