File system corrupted after merging of partitions


I wanted to get rid of the recovery partition on my Laptops hard disk, so I deleted the partition and then attempted to merge the unallocated space with my main partition using AOMEI Partition Assistant. It meant that the unallocated space at the beginning of the disk was first moved to the end (after the main partition), and then the main partition would be resized to include the unallocated space after it.

After running AOMEI Partition Assistant everything looked fine at first, all my data was still there, I could boot without issues and the main partition was enlarged successfully. However, after a few hours problems started to appear and I noticed a number of system files got corrupted. I could recover most of them with sfc /scannow and dism /restorehealth but later I noticed that even new files I create seem to get corrupted with the data of other newly written files. E.g. I downloaded a graphics driver package and could install it without issues. One hour later this exact file became corrupted without me touching it in any way. Parts of it were overwritten with data that belonged to a completely different file that was created later. The corrupted parts are always whole 4k sectors (I checked with a hex editor). It's as if Windows wrote new files at locations even though there is already data there.

I let chkdsk run but I don't think it found any errors. Does anybody have an idea what went wrong here and if there is any way to repair the filesystem without reformatting? Don't have any logs of AOMEI as I uninstalled it after everything looked fine at first.


  • Nobody any advice or idea? Had hoped someone has experience with similar cases or knows more about what could be the cause.

  • I also experienced almost the same issue on my laptop running Windows 7.

    I wanted to install a Linux OS on my laptop but I went unsuccessful using DiskPart, so I used AOMEI Partition Assistant.

    Everything went fine, the PreOS mode went successful, until I came to a screen after boot that says "Operation aborted" and when I attempt to boot normally, the "Starting Windows" screen comes up, then the display goes off, but the laptop is still alive.

    I tried booting the Safe Mode with Networking, then I saw corrupted Word files on my desktop, but Word itself works fine. Then I checked my network but it turns out the same goes for my Wi-Fi driver.

    I really need help on this. The partition I created was actually from the Windows partition which ate all of the space. But I cutted it out to free up for the Linux one. And I don't want to lose that OS since I also merged the Recovery Partition, and the disk went broken. Thanks for those who can help me.

  • Hi Carlo,

    If you have the corresponding system installation disc on hand, you can try to fix the system via steup repair option.

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