WinPE bootable medium, x86 or x64?

Hi guys,

I 've a couple of questions about generating a WinPE medium (no matter which version, CD, USB or ISO):

1) Can the generated WinPE run on both architectures, x86 and x64 (I didn't see a choice-possibility)?

2) Is the generated WinPE depending from the system, where AOMEI Backupper is running on?

3) If yes and if I add drivers, are both drivers, for x86 and x64, needed?

Thanks a lot, Thiersee


  • Created a PE iso on a Dell running Windows 10, 32 bit system (but 64 bit cpu) - added the third party Network drivers (required to access images that are stored on external NAS).
    Added drivers for a Win 7, 64 bit  PC (usb 3 drivers required to access images located on external drives).
    Burned pe iso to a usb stick using 'Rufus'.

    Booted the Dell with the stick and selected System Restore from NAS drive - selected image ok.

    Booted Win 7 PC as above and located images on USB 3 drives ok.

    Never tried an actual restore to completion, but expect it to work without issues.

    Any drivers required for either system have to be added at the time of the pe creation.

    I previously tried to add drivers to an existing image (modify the WIM file) but while the stick would boot the PC, the second set of drivers were not detected.

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