Information Code 4103 exhibited when trying to write volume C:

I receive information code 4103 when program attempts to write file. This is whille doing a disk backup.

Computer has:

17 3770 at 3.4 GHz

16 GB Memory

Windows 10 Pro 64 bits

2 TB primary HDD at 7200 rpm

1 TB seconday HDD at 7200 rpm

Messages received on disk backup attempt:

Backup is initializing...

Backing up the information of storage device...

Backing up of the volume 0...

Backing up data...

Backing up of the volume 0 done.

Backing up of the volume 1 (C:)...

Backing up data...

Information Code:4103

Failed to write file.

Does anyone have any information on code 4103?


  • If you use USB3 (harddisc and ports on your PC) then connect your external harddisk to a USB2 port and see if that will solve your problem.


  • Maybe try using a user who is part of the "administrators" group

    (As that information code seems like a permission error)

  • Hi Arch,

    Where did you save the backup file? NAS ? Or local drive?

  • Sorry for delay. I saved backup file to a USB 3.0 WD 4TB My Book HDD. I had a successful backup occur on September 20 but failure again on September 21 with the error 4103 again. I will try using USB 2.0 port, WD USB HDD has USB 3.0 cable.  

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