VSS service reported as not running

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may I first say what great software you have created - I have installed Backupper and Partition wizard, both are simple to use, elegant and easy on the eye, yet brisk and effective ... great work - and free!

I have one concern with backupper in that it refuses to see that my Volume Shadow service is ruuning when it patently is - I have it set to Auto and VSSVC.exe is showing as running in Task Manager.

One might say that is not a great worry, since I have enabled your method in Settings, but it is a concern as I had tried Paragon, but uninstalled it because it reported the same situation re VSS and was quite a pain to use ... it was a pleasure to discover your products,

but one must ask how this 'bug' can occur in the first place, and wonder if the restore will be ok?

any comments welcome,


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    Have you tried to list the VSS writers and see if there's errors?

    Go to CMD prompt and type:

    vssadmin list writers

    If there's errors, you might need to delete the maximum records or snapshots stored. In other words clear it out. Have you done a lot of snapshots using software?

  • What OS r u using? Do you have VSS enabled in BIOS?
  • It also could be you need to Re-register your VSS and COM+ components, which can be done using the CMD prompt as well.
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    I asked support about this earlier this week and I am still awaiting any response - I am using the paid for Pro product and am not happy about the support!

    I got fed up waiting for a reply and found an answer in Macriums forum.

    Just download VssFix64.exe or VssFix32.exe depending on your system.

    here is a link to the discussion you will find the links on that page.

    It worked for me.


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