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AOMEI Backupper 2.8 doesn't start from USB/CD anymore



  • ...Yes: me too! ;)

    Meanwhile, I cloned the whole
    disk to be more sure. A good idea would be to investigate about registry
    keys dealing with "system" file... We'll see. Still waiting for AOMEI
    Support's answer.

    See you soon! :)

  • AB 3.0

    bootable disc linux usb or cd don't boot in real pc but in qemu yes

    sincerely, deleting a system file does not seem an optimal solution

    in 2015, releasing a Linux bootable disk that does not work is really absurd

    windows PE instead works

  • Hi cip.

    I did boot from USB/CD before "something weird" happened to my file C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\system.

    a system file does not matter if you are going to rewrite the whole
    partition in which it dwells and... if that makes your AB boot from

    I don't know what to think but that Linux bootable disk does work in my case.

  • Hi MPPurcell!

    Some news (not from Aomei though): I bought a portable usb hdd (Toshiba Canvio, 1TB) and I did a primary partition on it; I used YUMI to make an almost identical installation I did on the USB Pen Drive (with Aomei Backupper, Acronis TrueImage, Symantec Ghost and so on).

    ...You won't believe it: I'm able to boot Aomei Backupper from Toshiba HDD! :)

    Very strange things over here... To next news! Bye! :)

  • *** UPDATE ***

    AB now boots from USB Pen too! O_O

    I don't know what to think about it...


  • Mmmmmmm...  Sounds like the problem is actually with the hardware.  My first thought was that it was the USB Pen drive, but now it sounds like it could be the computer hardware instead.  Very weird.  Sounds like it is time to leave this to the mysteries of the universe, and move on???

  • I don't think so, about hardware issues I mean. In fact, file
    "system" has changed (few characters in 9.5 Mb, but changed) and now it
    works. How it has changed itself, I don't know... Maybe inserting new
    hardware (usb Toshiba external hdd) or whatever else: in fact it's not
    the same as the old "faulty one".

    Maybe my friend, maybe... But I'm still waiting for Aomei Support's feedback. Anyway: far better like this. ;)
    Thanks for your support MPPurcell. :)

  • Joe, I don't imagine you received any help from AOMEI support, or any reply.  This is too much of an odd duck.  I don't think they will have any answer to what you have experienced.  

    There was a book out a couple of years ago, "The Brain That Changes Itself."  A very good book.  ...But a system file that changes itself?...  Naw!...

  • Hi MPPurcell.

    I've no reply from AOMEI Support since 17th july.
    Well, I'd like, at least, to know what and why do they check system
    files before writing over them. :)

    No, no: sorry. I
    didn't mean that the file "system" changed itself... :D I meant
    something in the OS changed the registry and thus file "system". Sorry
    again :)


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