Restore Backup Image from RAID 0 Dynamic Disk to RAID 0 Virtual Storage Space Volume

As the title says I want to restore a partition backup of a RAID 0 dynamic volume to a Storage Space virtual RAID 0 volume which I will create from same 2 drives (i.e. delete the dynamic disk using disk management and the create the STorage Space I create from the same drivres.  Hope I can do this.



  • Hello,

    AOMEI is working for you.

    are you ask questions about that delete volume and then create.

    it's able to do.

    you can try to do following operations:

    1.Right click the volume and left click the option "Delete Partition".

    2.Right click the unallcated partition and left click the "Create Partition".

    3.Fill in the blank "Partition Size",etc.

    4.Left click the button "OK".

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