Partiton Recovery Wizard for 4k bytes/sector

What product(s) do in fact support partition recovery for 4k bytes/sector disks. I currently have the Partition Assistant Standard free edition (5.6.3), which states it is unable to recover ... Bytes/sector > 512. thanks


  • Could you give us a screenshot so that we see the problem you encountered?

  • imageThis is the only msg that I get. Seagate Barracuda 2000GB (ST2000DM001).

  • Sorry for the problem you encountered.

    "Partition recovery wizard" and "Extend partition wizard" only support the disk with 512bytes/sector. So, you can't recover the disk which is not 512 bytes/sector.

  • Is that true for all versions?

  • Yes, currently all versions doesn't support over 512 bytes/sector on "Partition recovery wizard" and "Extend partition wizard". Maybe in the future we will amend the problem.

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