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I am new to Aomei Backupper Standard and I did a Disk Backup of my windows 8.1 machine to an image file on an external hard drive. I let it run overnight and selected the check box to "check the disk?" and " shut down the computer" after the process had finished. The next morning the computer had shut down and everything seemed to have completed correctly but I thought I'd "check the image" once again using the Utilities tab. The process goes through to 100% and then gives me information code:4102 failed to read file. I have tried repeating this a few times with the same result. Does anyone have experience with this problem or have some tips on resolving it?




  • Fivestring,

    It sounds like your backup job saved incorrectly.  This could be due to a file system issue with the source drive or the destination that the file saved to.  Please email [email protected] to get specific technical support for that error code.  Also, be sure to include the log file.  Alternatively you could post the log file on this forum. 

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    I have a similar problem. The backup of my c: and d: drives completes but at the end of the verify phase I receive the information code: 4102 error. I have attached the log file.



  • Just tried the Check Image function under Utilities on the same backup image and it passed without any problems being reported.


  • If you tick the "check image" when you do the backup, code 4102 might appear. The program can't read the backup file when perform check image. We have knew the problm, we will improve it in the later version. Now, you can check image manually under utilities. In addtion, in order to avoid the problem, you don't tick the option (check image) when back up.

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  • I have the same problems with code 4102.  I am concerned if I had a failure will I be able to restore my system?

    When will this be fixed?


  • I first posted in September 2014 and now I am getting some responses which is way past any usefullness for me. I actually had a couple system failures since then on two machines running windows 8.1. The first machine would not even boot and I could not run safe mode. I resorted to having a local shop save my documents and reinstall Windows 7 on a new hard drive, which cost me a few hundred dollars. Only a couple months ago my second machine would not boot but I did manage to use safe mode but that would not let me access my aomei image on an external drive. I used the refresh option and had to reinstall all my programs however. So I was hopeful aomei backupper would be a tool to use in these situations but it has not been of any use to me, from these two experiences. I would be interested to hear if someone has a suggestion to help me reasses the benefits of aomei backupper, and I mean in the near future.  


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