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Excellent piece of software

This software really helped me in a tight situation, very easy to use and did exactly what I needed it to do. Great work guys


  • I  am  a  new  user  of  AOMEI  partition  magic  software  and  after  years  of  using  original  Norton's  PM (recently  PM 8.0)  I  am  truly  impressed,  how  much  smoother  it  can  be  used  - especially  I  appreciate  the  possibility  to  extend  this  great   idea  on  Windows  7  platform!

    I  appreciate  the  easiness,  which  I  could  subordinate  with  my  notoriously  stubborn WD2500BPVT  laptop  drive!

    Thank you  guys  very  much  for  your  effort!!!

  • Super duper software , so easy to follow, had to change my Drive with 5 years of Data.

    My old Back up was impossible to restore from. I had nearly given up but found your product by chance and its wonderful, did the job and I have now purchased. Thank's!

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