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VSSADMIN errors during backup

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I have Win XP Pro SP3 on a Dell Optiplex 755 Dektop with 4GB RAM.

Last November, using Aomei Backupper Pro 2, I did a FULL backup (Disk Backup.adi - 85GB).

Yesterday (May 2), using Aomei Backupper Pro 2.5 (new version), I did my first INCREMENTAL backup (Disk Backup1.adi - 33GB).

HOWEVER, Event Viewer says there were two VSSADMIN errors during yesterday's INCREMENTAL backup.  So maybe it's no good.

QUESTION:  Is it possible to discard yesterday's INCREMENTAL backup and re-do it?  So that Aomei Backupper Pro 2.5 thinks there is only the original FULL backup and NO faulty incremental backup?  IMPORTANT: If I try to restore later, the discarded INCREMENTAL backup will not be there.  Do you understand my question?



  • Bump.  No comment from anyone?

  • If you want to discard the incremental backup, you can just delete it and re-do it. I suggest you do a Check Image in Utilities. if no error, you will be able to restore the incremental backup successfully.

  • mysery -

    1)  How should I delete the incremental backup? 
    Just go to the Windows folder and delete Backup1.adi?  (There is no
    "delete" function in Aomei 2.5.)

    2)  Have you personally ever done this?  Deleted the last Incremental, made a new Incremental and then Restored?  Good results?

    3)  Actually, I did Check Image when I made the questionable Incremental backup on May 2.  Does that mean it's 100% good?

    NEW QUESTION:  My original hard drive is normal NT hard drive.  If I
    Restore to a different hard drive, and if that hard drive is a
    "hybrid" HD+SSD (Momentus XT), what should the Restore settings be to
    have the right cluster size and alignment and setoff for the "hybrid"


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