Using Backupper for 100% unattended restore of system drive PCs

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We as a company are currently evaluating different disk imaging and cloning tools to support our operations. We have used AOMEI free version and believe its a great tool and has all the features we need. However, our main use for the tool would be the following:

Create an image of a disk, create an USB recovery memory. Then clone this USB containing the recovery image in order to restore the image into a large number of PCs. The restore procedure should be: User insert USB memory, turns PC on, the restore process ocurr 100% unattended, an then shuts down automatically when done. All PCs are the same, same hardware as the original in which the image was created in the first place. This allow the operator to proceed faster and without having to know what to do. Currently we are using Ghost using DOS command line, but it is slow and has no support. We also know that clonezilla is capable of 100% unattended command line restore, but the software is not flexible or easy to use enough.

Exploring AOMEI features there is command line capabilities but only to backup, not for restore. This would solve our problem by executing a batch file in the WinPE execution, but we dont know if this is being implemented and when. Do you plan to implement this feature in close future? is there an estimated date or roadmap regarding this? We want to know since we can start the migration from .GHO to AOMEI and then be ready when this is implemented.

What other solutions can we explore currently as a workaround to achieve a completely unattended restore by executing a file in Windows? could a network restore do the job? what if the PCs are not connected to a network?

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  • We have plan to implement this feature,but that have to wait. we're gonna add command line for clone first. You can use AOMEI Onekey which makes system restore more easier to use. But not completely unattended.   

  • Greetings!

    Thanks for the great Aomei products.

    Well.I'm very new to Aomei product.I started by last monday(4days). we are using AOMEI free version.I'm testing(Aomei backupper and PE builder)  with all my requirements, If it fits we plan to buy in near future.

    My requirements more or less same as smartuser. 

    Important requirements are:

    1. In addition, Its a great feature boot using the bootable USB or CD when it is required but the problem is we need to provide extra utilities to the enduser and also time consuming work. to avoid this I thought to create bootable iso file and change the boot entry in windows.then user can select the boot without using USB or CD. I didnt try this idea.I hope it may be solve using EasyBCD. EasyBCD will edit the windows recovery manager. If you have any other recommendation for this requirement, let me know.

    2. If AOMEI have commandline restore option it will be very easy to user for restore in single .bat file click.

    As smartuser said, 

    //Exploring AOMEI features there is command line capabilities but only to backup, not for restore. This would solve our problem by executing a batch file in the WinPE execution,//

    My understanding in smartuser post, We can create batch file for restore( not using AOMEI products) and execute using WinPE. 

    I don't know how to make workaround this? Need Help. 

    How to execute a batch file in WinPE execution(for restore)?

    Reason why I need commandline/bat file restore:

    Now the process for restore is long, user have to press "next" repeadetely.

    If I configure the restore option, like path, file, which part have to restore, After boot, user have to do "just click" the bat file. After getting user confirmation restore starts. easy and simple to restore.

    Guide me the right way to achieve my goal.

    Thanks for your help,


  • thenndral,

    I will suggest that you use PXE Boot Tool in Aomei if the endusers are in LAN. Then you don't need to make a bootable CD or USB,you can boot the computers directly via PXE Boot. you can visit this site:

    And as mysery said, currently Backupper doesn't support to restore by using command line, maybe you can use our OneKey, it is a freeware, with this software you can restore your operating system by one click. For more details, here is a link of OneKey:

  • Hi YoungCheng, 

    Thanks for your reply.

    As per your suggestion, I download OneKey s/w. and install in my system.herewith I enclose my system basic information image. have a look.

    I try to "backup system to Aomeionekey recovery partition" It takes too long to reach 36%(about 1hr). In the manual "The backup progress may take some minutes so you should wait patiently until it is over." 

    1. Usually How many minutes will take? 

    2. Is my system configuration meets Aomei OneKey system requirements?

    3. The same things happen when I try Aomei PE Builder( the same system configuration), It takes about 1hr to reach 54% and never complete.I just leave whole night but was unsuccessfull(if you need I will send print screen later)

    ps. Note: After I write this post I wait 30mts more but still in 36%.

    I don't know how to make. need your help.



    image00.HDD Size.png

    image00.system config.png


  • Im waiting from Feb. 16th. No one for help...?

  • Hi thenndral,

     Sorry about the delay, could you please post the "log files"?

    You can find them under the C:Program files (x86)/AOMEI OneKey Recovery 1.1/log

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually, I uninstall the program.Reason for uninstall, I'm testing in ssd, no spacte to install for other program and also no reply from your support team.I dont have corresponding log file which I send the image earlier.

    well, Again I install Aomei Onekey and I try to "backup system to Aomeionekey recovery partition". 

    In first 10 minutes its reach 51%( previously 36%) and after reach this point stop or running in the background(i dont know what's happenning).I just leave for 1hour. and then I copy the log file from the path as you mention in previous reply.

    please  check the attached image file and log file.

    I hope you reply me asap.


    Thanks a lot,


  • 1st thought is to try  cmd prompt with SFC /scannow.

    Are you creating an image to your backup partition? D: if that's the case you might not have enough space.

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    Thanks for your quick reply. 

    I try cmd prompt with SFC /scannow.( I attacted result screenshot in word doc.)

    Then about the second thought, I have enough space.

    I'm creating the factory recover partition only for "C Drive"

    Herewith I attach the complete screenshot result in word document.

    a. SSD Size and space

    b. SFC /scannow 

    c. System Backup - AOMEI OneKey ( after reach 36% it stops the process or running in the background)

    d. Latest Log File.

    imageAOMEI ONE Key.docx

    Please guide me in the right way and reply me asap.


    Note: Yesterday I forget to attach latest log file. Now I attached.




  • Hi,

    I'm waiting for reply.



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    Thanks for your reply. I dont understand your reply.

    I understand your reply, my system is have right requirement for AOMEI Onekey Recovery.If Im wrong please make correct it.

    Also I attach Sfc scannow result.Check the attachment in my previous reply(AOMEI ONE Key.docx)

    well, if my system have right requirement why I cant able to "System backup" successfully? It works upto 51% maximum.

    Please give me detail reply.I have to finish this issue by this wednesday.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I will come back after fix this error.



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