How can I move a Backup file(s)

Hi, after issues with a backup on an external hard drive, I made a new one on an internal drive.  I'd like to move the file to the external hard drive.  I copied the file to the external using Windows, but I can't seem to associate the new location with the Backup task.  Is there any way other than creating a totally new Backup directly on the external drive?



  • I can't think about one. Sorry!

  • I don't know of a way to do this in the GUI, but if you navigate to c:\programdata\AomeiBR, you can modify the tasks xml file to the new path of the file.  Do this with Backupper shut down.  Make a backup of the file first in case you don't edit it properly. 

  • Introduction:
    You may save backup files on external devices. However,
    while you disconnect and reconnect the devices, the drive letter of the
    devices may be changed. Therefore AOMEI Backupper cannot continue the
    backup plan due to the different saving path.

    1. Please delete this bad connection backup item in the Home tab list.
    2. Open AOMEI Backupper, in the “Home” screen, click “Restore” tab option.
    Select "Path" option to locate the backup files, then select any one of
    them and open it. After that, you will find that these files have been
    listed in the screen.
    4. Back to the “Home” screen, you will find the backup task has been loaded.
    5. Continue your backup plan.

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