How can i transfer only windows 8 onto SSD from HDD?

Early last year I built a computer with everything installed on a 2tb Seagate Barracuda hard disk.  Recently I bought a 250g SSD and would like to only move my OS over to it and use it as a boot drive, as I've heard it significantly decreases boot times.  Is it possible to move only my OS over and not have to reinstall all of my applications? Likewise, if I were to buy a bigger HDD in the future, as I am currently looking at a 3tb seeing as I only have about 100gb left on my old one, would I be able to just transfer my files and applications to the new HDD without screwing up the boot drive? Any answer would be greatly appreciated.    



  • Hello @smorizio ;


     Sorry for the late reply. As for your query, it's possible to do what you said with our products, you may use Migrate OS to SSD feature in our Partition Assistant to move your OS to SSD drive and set it as your boot drive. When you get a larger HDD drive, you may clone the data partition from your old disk to the new one without affecting the OS.



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